Music Finland promotes awareness and the success of Finnish music at home and abroad.


  • Tuomo Tähtinen

    Executive Director

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    M +358 (0)44 069 8000

  • Heli Lampi

    Head of Communications and Promotion

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    M +358 (0)50 38 28 934

  • Riku Salomaa

    Head of International

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    M +358 (0)40 705 2606

  • Henna Salo

    Export Manager, jazz and folk music

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    M +358 (0)40 731 8018

  • Katariina Sorsa

    Export Manager, pop and rock music

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    M +358 (0)40 561 1150

  • Tuuli Elo

    Export Manager, contemporary and classical music

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    M +358 (0)40 5624459

  • Niko Kangas

    Export Manager

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  • Teemu Fiilin

    Communications Manager

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    M +358 (0)40 5305799

  • Pietu Arvola

    Communications Coordinator

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    M +358 (0)40 829 0658

  • Tuomas Ilmavirta

    Research Manager

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    M +358 (0)50 352 9151

  • Anu Ahola

    Editor-in-chief, FMQ

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    M +358 (0)50 569 0505

  • Hanna Isolammi

    Editor, FMQ

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  • Kari Laitinen

    Information Manager

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    M +358 (0)50 3674703

  • Paulina Partanen

    Manager, Sheet Music Production

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    M +358 (0)40 7412486

  • Heikki Savolainen

    Financial Manager

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    M +358 (0)40 556 8701

  • Visa-Matti Uimonen

    Financial Assistant

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  • Loviisa Pihlakoski


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Board members

  • Aku Toivonen (chairman)

    Elvis ry

  • Tom Frisk

    The Finnish Music Publishers Association

  • Tapio Korjus

    IndieCo ry

  • Matti Lappalainen

    Gramex ry

  • Annu Mikkonen

    The Society of Finnish Composers

  • Wemppa Koivumäki

    IFPI Finland

  • Sirke Salovaara


  • Ahti Vänttinen

    Finnish Musicians Union

Member organisations

  • ELVIS - The Finnish Society of Composers and Lyricists

    ELVIS - The Finnish Society of Composers and Lyricists was founded in 1954. The nonprofit-organization has over 700 professional musicians as members. ELVIS proceeds towards the improvements of Finnish composer’s, lyricists’ and arrangers’ economical and professional interests and also provides communality to its members.


  • Finnish Musicians Union

    The Finnish Musicians Union (founded in 1917) is a trade organization for professional musicians. It organizes some 3.300 members in 25 local branches.

    Orchestra musicians, soloists and conductors represent approximately one third of the Union membership. The remaining two thirds consists of restaurant, entertainment, jazz and rock musicians. The ballet dancers of the Finnish National Opera are also organized in the Union.


  • Gramex - Copyright Society of Performing Artists and Phonogram Producers in Finland

    Gramex is a copyright society which promotes and administers the rights, prescribed in the Copyright Act, of performing artists whose performances have been recorded on phonograms and of producers of phonograms.

    The most important practical function of Gramex is to collect remunerations for the use of phonograms and to distribute the collected remunerations to those entitled to them.


  • IFPI Finland

    IFPI Finland is the national trade association representing 23 record companies in Finland. The members range from major international record companies (EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner) to small independent record producers.


  • IndieCo - Finnish Independent Record Producers’ Association

    IndieCo is association for independent record labels and production companies. It aims to improve the diversity of music production in Finland and helps its member organization operational condititions. IndieCo has over 40 members including Fullsteam Records, Aito Records and Texicalli Records.


  • Society of Finnish Composers

    The Finnish Society of Musicians (Suomen Säveltaiteilijain Liitto) was founded in 1917 mainly by composers, and its activities were also mostly led by composers until they founded their own association. In 1928, art music composers together with their publishers founded the Finnish Composers Copyright Society Teosto, which in many ways later became a focus of activities of the composers association too.


  • Teosto - Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society

    Finnish Composers' Copyright Society Teosto is the copyright organization for composers, lyric writers, arrangers and music publishers. It has more than 26,000 music author and publisher members and, additionally, it represents some two million rightholders around the world.

    Teosto provides licensing products for performing and reproducing music that meets the needs of music using customers, and distributes the royalties to the rightholders - the music authors.

    Teosto also promotes the diversity of creative composing.


  • The Finnish Music Publishers Association

    The Finnish Music Publishers Association was founded in 1976 as an umbrella organisation for representing the interests of Finnish music publishers. The Association has 40 publisher members. It is a non-profit-making organisation with no business aims of its own.



  • What happened to Finnish Music Information Centre and Music Export Finland?

    Since 2012, the operations of Music Export Finland and the Finnish Music Information Centre Fimic have been merged into one organization, Music Finland. We are better and stronger than ever, and happy to answer any inquiries!

  • What is Music Finland?

    Music Finland promotes Finnish music and helps increase the export of the industry. We operate both in Finland and abroad with a wide spectrum of services, from export projects to information services and sheet music distribution. We also work for the whole branch by developing the know-how and resources of the industry. We are here to pave the way for the success of Finnish music! 

    Music Finland creates and manages a wide variety of services, marketing programs, events, networking opportunities, training, consultancy, support, research, information and funding programs. These activities aim to maximize success for Finnish music and music companies, and increase Finnish music export revenue.

  • Who is behind Music Finland?

    Music Finland is an independent association. Our founders and members include associations from different sectors of the industry, including copyright societies, record companies, publishers, music makers and performers. The members are:

    • Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto www.teosto.fi
    • Finnish Musicians' Union www.muusikkojenliitto.fi
    • Finnish Music Publishers Association www.musiikkikustantajat.fi
    • Finnish Society of Popular Music Composers and Authors ELVIS www.elvisry.fi
    • Gramex, Copyright Society of Performing Artists and Phonogram Producers in Finland www.gramex.fi
    • IFPI Finland www.ifpi.fi
    • IndieCo (the association for independent record companies) www.indieco.fi
    • Society of Finnish Composers www.composers.fi
  • How do I get information about Finnish music and the Finnish music industry?

    News and articles about Finnish music will be updated to this website regularly. You can also subscribe to our newsletters and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

  • What are your invoicing details?

    Invoicing address:
    Music Finland ry
    PL 39784
    00021 LASKUTUS

    International VAT number:

    Invoice should include IBAN + Swift code + your VAT number

  • Do you still have web shop for sheet music?

    Yes we do! The web shop for sheet music is part of our Composers & Repertoire website (composers.musicfinland.fi).

  • I'm a classical musician and would like to play some Finnish music. What should I do to get the sheet music?

    Music Finland distributes commercially unpublished Finnish works. To order, go to composers.musicfinland.fi > Sheet Music Catalogue and select the music you want. You can pay your order with a credit card.

    If you have questions about the repertoire, please contact our information service at musiclibrary@musicfinland.fi. In case of commercially published works we can help you to locate the publishers and give information about the Finnish distributors.

  • Can I get all Finnish works through your sheet music services?

    We only distribute commercially unpublished sheet music on behalf of our composer clients. If you are looking for a work that is not distributed by us, we can help you contact the publisher or composer.

  • Where do I find information about the composers?

    You can find composer profiles, biographies and information about the works at our Composers & Repertoire website (composers.musicfinland.fi).

  • Do I need to come to Finland to meet you?

    Our office is located in Kamppi, Helsinki, but naturally we travel a lot. You can find us on many international festivals, showcase events and trade fairs. Please come and meet us there!

  • I'd like to inform some Finnish companies about my project. Can I get their contact information from you?

    We have a listing of Finnish companies, organisations and institutions on our web site www.musicfinland.fi. Just go to Finnish Music Directory and search!

  • I'd like to book a Finnish band to my festival. Can you give me some financial support for this?

    Unfortunately we don't have funding for this kind of support. You can apply for grants from The Finnish Music Foundation (www.musiikinedistamissaatio.fi/en).

  • Where are you located? Can I come and visit?

    Our offices are in Helsinki's Kamppi (Urho Kekkosen katu 2C, 00100 Helsinki).

    You can visit us any work day between 9 and 15. The sheet music library is open all the time, but if you wish to use our sound archive, media archive or other services, please make a reservation beforehand by phone or email. You can also make an appointment with our staff members for consultation. See the contact information on www.musicfinland.fi.

  • I'd like to have some Finnish music on my festival / radio programme. Can you recommend something?

    Sure we can! Please contact our staff at info@musicfinland.fi, we can surely come up with some great recommendations for your festival or show.

  • Do you release CD's?

    Our CD publications are strictly for promotional use and they are compilations of released recordings of Finnish music. These include for example Arctic Paradise for contemporary folk music, Come hear. Finland for pop, rock and metal, and Jazz from Finland. They are available for professional contacts for example at trade fairs.

    If you wish to have promotional copies of commercially released Finnish CD's, please contact the record companies directly. You can find the contact information in the web site's Finnish Music Directory. 

  • I have a band and I'd like to tour in Finland. Can you help me?

    Music Finland promotes and exports Finnish music. Unfortunately we can't organize tours in Finland. Contact information to Finnish companies and venues can be found at Finnish music Directory.