Music & Media International Summit 2014

16.10.2014 – 16.10.2014

Music & Media International Summit takes place on October 16th as a part of Music & Media 2014 conference.

The one day event focuses on music export and consists of international themes, panels, keynote-speakers, workshops and roundtable discussions. Lost In Music Showcase takes place on the evening, see the line-up of the showcase here. Lost In Music Showcase is part of Lost in Music Festival. 

Music Finland brings 40 international guests along with Finnish companies to attend the event. The focus will be thematically on the German speaking market area in Europe. Music & Media International Summit 2014 is organized on Thursday 16th of October. Seminar and networking schedule begins from 10.00 am and the day ends before the showcase gigs by 5.00 pm.

Music & Media International Summit 2014 is free for all registered participants of M&M 2014. 


Thursday October 16

10.00 - 11.30 Reeperbahn Festival presents: Deutschland Wunderland? Is There Room for New Success in the Growing German Music Market?

With physical being more than 60% of all sales, one might say Germany is a gold mine for the recording industry. A country with more than 80 cities of 150,000 or more inhabitants seems like a dreamland for the live business. The German music industry is growing and everyone wants their share of the profit. What's the secret behind all this and what are the Germans doing differently to the rest of us? How does one go from being an established artist to becoming a star in the country? What are the chances and challenges one might face in entering the market and what are the odds for getting return on investments in the land of great cars, football and beer?
Moderator: Manfred Tari (GER)
Participants: Stephan Thanscheidt (FKP Scorpio, GER), Sven Städtler (Verstärker, GER), Björn Meyer (Odyssey Music, GER), Dirk Willberg (Community Promotion, GER)

11.30 - 11.45 Break

11.45 - 12.30 Reeperbahn Festival presents: Sunrise Avenue – From Stardom to Super-Stardom

Hard work and strategy involving media from radio and tv elevated the band into superstardom and to one of the biggest acts in Central Europe.
Moderator: Manfred Tari (GER)
Participants: Samu Haber (Sunrise Avenue, FI), Mikko Saukkonen (Comusic Productions, FI), Uli Mücke (RTL, GER)

12.30 - 13.45 Lunch

13.45 - 14.30 Panel: Brand x Brand

Brands pump millions into the music industry in search of more exciting collaborations and new forms of revenue. How will the unique ideas come up in the future, to spark the most productive collaborations? What kind of a team is usually needed for a successful win win outcome for all parties.
Moderator: Robert Horsfall (Sound Advice, UK)
Participants: Moose (Syndicate, US), Gregor Stöckl (Stylehead, GER), Tommi Partanen (Radio Helsinki, FI), Julie Weir (Visible Noise, UK)

14.30 - 16.00 Workshop: Brand x Brand

Participants: International Summit delegates and participants

14.30 - 16.00 Workshop: Launch Plan Germany 2015

Participants: International Summit delegates and participants
*additional registration required to Music Finland

18.30 Music & Media opening ceremony

For delegates only.


10.00-10.45 / BALLROOM 2 Power Placements - Elevating music through brand partnerships and ad campaigns

How did Swedish artist Robyn end up collaborating with Volvo? Placements in the right ad campaigns can elevate artists career, and serve as a vessel for songs to soar into new heights. What are the key elements of a successful placements, and who calls the shots in the process of making the music sync work. 
Moderator: Miika Särmäkari (Music Finland)
Participants: Jacquie Perryman (MPL), Andre Brinck (Universal, Sweden)

14.00 - 14.45 Reeperbahn Info Session

One of Europe’s most important and efficient music conferences, Reeperbahn Festival focuses on Finland next year. Come hear about past year’s events and all the possibilities you must not miss next year, when making plans for Reeperbahn Festival 2015.
Moderator: Sami Häikiö
Participants: Detlef Schwarte (Reeperbahn Festival), Bjoern Pfarr (Reeperbah Festival)

14.30 - 15.15 Courtside Jam - Music licensing for sports

Do the sports events and occasions offer new opportunities for music publishers and artists? When looking for the right paths for synergies between the music and sports world, specific understanding of the two markerts is the key to success. Panelists from the UK, Germany and the US share their opinions about operating between the two worlds.
Moderator: Dan Koplowitz (Friendly Fire US)
Participants: Peter Bradbury (BskyB, UK), Marko Karvinen (YLE, FI), Tom Roberts (ShootMusic, UK)


10.15-11.15 / RUUKKI International Helpdesk - Meet your future business partners

Join the company of international professionals and receive advice on how you can work with them best to promote your career abroad.
Moderator: Sami Häikiö (Music Finland, FI)
Participants: Moose (Syndicate, US), Francine Gorman (Nordic Playlist, UK), Björn Meyer (Odyssey Music, GER), Jan Clausen (Factory 92, GER), Steffi von Kannelmann (Nordic By Nature, GER), Leila Benameur (Benameur Promotions, GER)

International delegates

Find out more about the international delegates here.


FKP Scorpio / Stephan Thanscheidt, Germany
FKP Scorpio / Folkert Koopmans, Germany
Factory Music Management / Sharon Richardson, UK
Konzertbüro Schoneberg / Dominick Schmidt, Germany
Reeperbahn Festival / Bjoern Pfarr, Germany
Reeperbahn Festival/ Detlef Schwarte, Germany
Trinity Music / Martin Rabitz, Germany


Friendly Fire Recordings / Dan Koplowitz, US
Imperial Records / Z Zaitsu, Japan
Nuclear Blast / Mark Palmer, UK
De Groot Entertainment / Wally Van Middendorpp, UK
Styleheads / Gregor Stöckl, Germany
Visible Noise / Julie Weir, UK
Sony Music Baltic Region / Marit Lekstein, Estonia
Sony Music Estonia / Olga Äär, Estonia

Label services

All Access Agency / Simon Füllemann, Norway
Odyssey Music / Björn Meyer, Germany
Sound Advice / Robert Horsfall, Germany


Heartburst Management / Paul Cheetham, Germany
Mec-Early Entertainment / Nico Meckelnburg, Germany
Northern Music Co. / Andy Farrow, UK
Heartburst Management / Paul Cheetham, UK


Club Radio Free Europe / Andrew Childs, UK
Manfred Tari, Germany
NBHAP / Norman Fleischer, Germany


Music Canada / Graham Henderson, Canada

PR & Promotion

Bands Best Friend, Miss Fixit Agency/ Therese Asker, Norway
Benameur Promotion / Leila Benameur, Germany
Community Promotion / Dirk Willberg, Germany
Factory 92 / Alexandre Pountzas, Germany
Factory 92 / Jan Clausen, Germany
Nordic by Nature / Sibilla Calzolari, Germany
Nordic by Nature / Steffi Von Kannemann, Germany
Oktober Promotion / Niels Andersen, Germany
Pirate Smile / Sascha Merkel, Germany
Pirate Smile / Peter Klapproth, Germany
Shoot Music / Tom Roberts, UK
The Syndicate / Moose, US
Verstärker / Sven Städtler, Germany

Publishing & Music Licensing

British Sky Broadcasting / Peter Bradbury, UK
Periscope Music and Media / MPL Music Publishing / Jacquie Perryman, UK
RTL Group / Uli Mücke, Germany
Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia / Andre Brink, Sweden

Finnish delegates


Markku Mäkelä, Cocoa Music
Jouni Tamminen, Exogenic Records
Niko Kangas, Fullsteam Records
Antti Hietala, Gaea Records
Esa Tontti, Gaea Records
Tapio Korjus, Rockadillo Records
Tuomo Saikkonen, Sakara Records
Tom Riski, Solina Records
Nick Triani, Soliti Records
Timo Kuoppamäki, Sony Music Finland
Aapo Hellman, Sound of Music
Euge Valovirta, Spinefarm/Universal Music Finland
Joose Berglund, Stupido Records
Sirkku Haikonen, Stupido Records
Marika Häkkilä, Stupido Records
Jouni Perämaa, Warner Music Finland


Laura Reunanen, Cafe De Abajas
Juha Kyyrö, Fullsteam Agency
Jukka Varmo, Live Nation Finland
Tomi Salesvuo, Musiikkisato Oy
Annakaisa Anttila, Ruisrock Festival
Mikko Niemelä, Ruisrock Festival
Johanna Sauramäki, Saura Musiikki
Perttu Sauramäki, Saura Musiikki
Sami Peura, Sam Agency
Juha Ruusunen, Sony Music Live
Pia Kuisma, Sublime Music Agency


Carla Ahonius, Fullsteam Management
Virpi Immonen, Fullsteam Management
Ville Kilpeläinen, Fullsteam Management
Tina Jukarainen, Fullsteam Management
Sami Mannerheimo, Funky Elephant
Jani Wilund, Kaiku Agency
Martiina Laaksonen, Little Valley
Jussi Hautala, Result Entertainment
Heta Hyttinen


Eero Tolppanen, Elements Music
Linda Lundberg, Fried Music
Erik Nyholm, Splender Productions
Marja Kortelainen, Warner/Chappell Music Finland
Jaakko Salovaara, 16 Inch Records


Susanna Perämaa, Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto
Antti Rask, Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto
Sirke Salovaara, Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto
Eija Joensuu, Maisa (Pori Tourist Information)

Music & Media

Music & Media Finland will take place October 16-19, 2014 in Tampere, southern Finland. Founded in 1989, Music & Media Finland has been the leading conference for music industry professionals for over two decades. 

Annually, the event brings together representatives from the fields of recording, production and distribution, events, live shows and the media - in all, over 700 participants from 20 countries all looking for new partners and contacts. Thus, the event has become the most important international gateway for Finnish music businesses and a networking hotspot connecting Finnish, Nordic, Baltic and Russian music professionals with the global music community.

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