Music & Media Finland International Summit 2015

15.10.2015 – 17.10.2015

Music & Media Finland will take place October 15-17, 2015 in Tampere, southern Finland.

About Music & Media

Music & Media brings together the entire variety of Finnish recording, publishing and live music industries and seeks to draw into focus the energy and innovation of this industry both in its home country and internationally. Music & Media International Summit brings together representatives and international delegates from all over the world for a focused two day conference within the event.

The first day of the event is the sync day that connects music supervisors and the representatives of Finnish artists. On the second day, the conference program continues with a selection of international music business topics.

Taking place in an intimate and picturesque setting in Tampere, Finland, the event comprises a vast variety of networking and business opportunities, seminars, keynotes and even more importantly, showcases. 

Live music plays a key role at Music & Media. Lost In Music showcase festival offers a unique opportunity for professionals to view performances by a broad spectrum of Finland’s hottest new artists. Over 100 handpicked acts jump on stage during the three day conference days. Lost In Music brings you a multitude of hot up-and-coming pop, rock, indie and metal bands. The concoction is peppered with hip hop and world music artists, as well as some experimental acts. The Finnish scene is joined by bands from the Baltic region and Russia. This unique event attracts over 15 000 visitors yearly. 

Seminar Content

Thursday October 15

Music in Indie Films presented by Guild of Music Supervisors

Time and place: 10.30-11.15, Raide 5

Music choices have a large impact on the artistic outcome and success of indie films. In this panel, music supervisors will discuss some of the projects they have done and talk about how they have used international artists in indie films.

Panelists: Laura Katz (Cutting Edge Group, USA. Past projects: The Grey, Don Jon, Chef), Andrea von Foerster (Firestarter Music, USA. Past projects: 500 Days of Summer, Modern Family, The Cabin in the Woods), Connie Farr (Think Sync Music, UK. Past projects: Lilting, Gimme the Loot), Milena Fessmann (Cinesong, Germany. Past projects: A Most Wanted Man, Türkisch für Anfänger). Moderator: Jonathan McHugh (J2 Media & Song Stew Entertainment, USA. Past projects: Little Girl Blue, Spare Parts, Rize, Saw - film series).

Power Placements – Sync Cases

Time and place: 11.30-12.45, Raide 5

Avicii and Volvo, Mew and Office 365, H&M ad campaigns… the fellow Nordic countries have shown us grand international syncs and branded content lately. This reputable panel of Nordic and North American sync professionals presents a variety of successful sync and branded entertainment cases they have been involved in creating from games to the advertising world.
Panelists: Lindsay-Bea Davis (Vice, Canada), Carl Blom (Flagstone, Sweden), Brandon Young (Activision/Blizzard, USA), Johan Borg (Ohlogy, Sweden), Johannes Dybkjær Andersson (VOLUME, Denmark). Moderator: Eric Johnson (McCann New York, USA).

Breaking into America through the visual media – Keynote, Jonathan McHugh

Time and place: 13.45-14.15, Raide 5

The Sync world/ Visual Media are a great way for international artists to get attention in America. International artists need to find their connectors to be able to plug into thus potentially lucrative market place. Jonathan McHugh's (J2 Media & Song Stew Entertainment, USA. Projects include: Little Girl Blue, Spare Parts, Rize, Saw franchise) keynote will concentrate in some stats and a few case studies about international artists making moves in the US sync market.

Get Synced! Workshops

Time and place: 14.30-17.15 Heikki, Pikku-Rusko, Jumbo

Find out what the music supervisors at International Summit are currently looking for and try to answer their needs. The workshops will dig deeper into the music supervisors’ briefs and look into what your submitted music could be synced with.

Workshop categories are:
1. Film and TV
2. Ads and brands
3. Games and sports

Register here.

Friday October 16

Courtside Jam Interview – Robert Jordan (Fox Sports)

Time and place: 10.00-10.30 Raide 5

Sport is the biggest entertainment industry in the world and music plays a fundamental role in it. Sports games and broadcasting use music in a pivotal way. Robert Jordan (Fox Sports, Marketing) discusses the music choices for the 2015 Women's World Cup, and marketing campaigns for various sports leagues, including the NFL and MLB at Fox Sports. Interview by Jonathan McHugh (Guild of Music Supervisors).

Invest in Music! presented by Slush

Time and place: 10.30-11.15, Raide 5

Is music a relevant investment for venture capitalists? The answer is clear for someone invested in music technology such as Spotify. Linus Dahg (Wellington Venture Partners) and Marta Sjögren (Northzone) are joined by their Finnish colleagues in discussion about what make good investments in the music business and how the industry could further benefit from venture capital.

Panelists: Linus Dahg (Wellington Venture Partners, UK), Marta Sjögren (Northzone, Sweden), Oskari Kettunen (Reaktor Ventures, Finland), Jaakko Salminen (FiBan – Finnish Business Angels Network, Finland) and Tuomo Tähtinen (Music Finland, Finland). Moderator: Atte Hujanen (Slush, Finland).

Festivals 2030

Time and place: 11.30-12.15, Raide 5

Festival trends of today vary from green and urban to VIP tickets and laser lights but what will festivals look like in 15 years? The top European festival executives put their heads together to envision the festivals of the future.
Panelists: Tamás Kádár (Sziget Cultural Management, Hungary), Suvi Kallio (Flow Festival, Finland), Nicolas Dolenc (Slush, Finland), Bernhard Kaufmann (Arcadia Agency, Austria. Festivals include Nuke Festival and Hip Hop Open Austria). Moderator: Zachris Sundell (Live Nation Finland, Finland).

Songwriters’ Talk

Time and place: 13.00-14.00, Raide 5

Who are the people that write mega hits such as “Hey Mama” (David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Afrojack), “Wiggle” and “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo, or the Finnish 2014 smash hit "Vadelmavene"? Three songwriters Sean Douglas, Ace Wilder and Thomas Kirjonen discuss the creative process of a song and reveal their tricks.
Panelists: Sean Douglas (Warner/Chappell, USA), Thomas Kirjonen (Elements Music, Finland), Ace Wilder (Stereoscope Music, Sweden). Moderator: Ben Malén (Stereoscope Music Scandinavia AB, Sweden).

Live Speed Meetings

Time and place: 13.15-14.15, Pikku-Rusko

Meet international festival and club promoters as well as agents and find your potential partners.

The international participants are:
Anya Della Croce (For Noise Festival, Switzerland), Bernhard Kaufman (Arcadia Agency, Germany), Chris Wu (Popfrenzy, Australia), Jörg Düsedau and Merle Doering (Dragon Productions, Germany), Kristina Rosenbusch (SPARTA Booking, Germany), Michael Bisping (A.S.S. Concerts, Germany), Michel Attia (ORF Event & Booking, Austria), Tamás Kádár (Sziget Festival, Hungary), Yan Mangels (FKP Scorpio, Germany), Hendrik Menzl (Audiolith, Germany), My Bergmann (Blixten & Co, Sweden).

Register for the speed meetings here.

Digital Germany presented by Aus Finnland and Believe Digital

Time and place: 14.15-15.00, Raide 5

Find out what is going on in the evolution of the German music market. Take a deep dive into figures and get insights from the top professionals of the music industry of digital Germany.
Panelists: Martin Schumacher (Nettwerk Music Group, Germany), Carina Fromhertz (AFM Music & Soulfood, Germany), Frank Künne (Wormland Music, Germany). Moderator: Mario Lehmann (Believe Digita, Germany).

Label Pitch Aus Finnland Workshop

Time and place: 15.15-16.15, Pikku-Rusko

If you’re looking for a label in Germany, join the discussion with A&R representatives of prominent German labels to find out which label you could work with and what the German audience is looking for at the moment.
The workshop will feature half a dozen pitches from upcoming Finnish artists to the following label representatives:
Anne Haffmans (Domino Deutschland, Germany), Gordon Gieseking ( / Project: Mooncircle, Germany), Pia Dünnebier (Department Musik, Germany), Martin Schumacher (Nettwerk Music Group, Germany), Norbert Rudnitzky (Downbeat/Warner Music, Germany).

Register for the workshop and apply to pitch here.

Media Pitch Aus Finnland Workshop

Time and place: 16.30-17.30, Pikku-Rusko

Join the discussion with top media representatives and PR agencies from the German speaking Europe to find out which media is right for your artist and how your music would work for the audiences in the German speaking Europe.
The workshop will feature half a dozen pitches from upcoming Finnish artists to top-notch media and PR representatives:
Carsten Stricker (Verstärker, Germany), Jan Clausen (Factory 92, Germany), Thomas Harsman (Visions, Germany), Uta Bretsch (Uta Bretsch Communications, Germany), Oliver Bergmann (Oktober Promotion, Germany), Gerald Heidegger (ORF Online – Austrian Broadcasting Cooperation, Online Edition, Austria).

Register for the workshop and apply to pitch here.

International guests

Confirmed guests of 2015: 

Sync - October 15

Laura Katz (Cutting Edge Group, USA)
Eric Johnson (McCann New York, USA)
Michiel Marsman (Sizzer Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Andrew Kahn (Good Ear Music Supervision, USA)
Andrea von Foerster (Firestarter Music, USA)
Carsten Stricker (Shoot Music, Germany)
Connie Farr (Think Sync Music, UK)
Milena Fessman (Cinesong, Germany)
Lindsey-Bea Davis (Vice, Kanada)
Brandon Young (Activision Blizzard, USA)
Jonathan McHugh (J2 Media & Song Stew Entertainment, USA)
Robert Jordan (Fox Sports, USA)
Johan Borg (Ohlogy, Sweden)
Carl Blom (Flagstone, Sweden)
Johannes Dybkjær Andersson (VOLUME, Denmark)

International – October 16

Thomas Harsman (Visions, Germany)
Carsten Stricker (Verstärker, Germany)
Uta Bretsch (Uta Bretsch Communications, Germany)
Martin Schumacher (Nettwerk Music Group, Germany)
Sebastian Siegmund (Intro Magazine, Germany)
Gerald Heidegger (, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Austria)
Mike Korbik (RBB Radio Eins, Germany)
Jörg Düsedau (Dragon Productions, Germany)
Michael Bisping (A.S.S. Concerts, Germany)
Oliver Bergman (Oktober Promotion, Germany)
Anne Haffmanns (Domino Recording Company Deutschland, Germany)
Anya Della Croce (For Noise Festival / Pass Pass, Germany)
Bernhard Kaufman (Arcadia Agency, Austria)
Mark Chung (Freibank, Germany)
Michel Attia (Radio FM4 - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Austria)
Yan Mangels (FKP Scorpio, Germany)
Hendrik Menzl (Audiolith, Germany)
Jan Clausen (Factory 92, Germany)
Kristina Rosenbusch (SPARTA Booking, Germany)
Gordon Gieseking (HHV/ProjectMoonCircle, Germany)
Niels Andersen (Oktober Promotion, Germany)
Norbert Rudnitzky (Downbeat / Warner Music, Germany)
Mario Lehmann (Believe Digital, Germany)
Frank Künne (Wormland Music, Germany/Spain)
Tamás Kádár (SZIGET, Hungary)
Pia Dünnebier (Department Musik GmbH, Germany)
Carina Fromhertz (AFM Records/Soulfood, Germany)
Achal Dhillon (Killing Moon, UK)
Chris Wu (Popfrenzy, Australia)
Ben Malén (Stereoscope Music Scandinavia, Sweden)
My Bergmann (Blixten & Co, Sweden)

For bios of international guests, click here.

Music & Media is a conference 
event that I highly recommend
any music professional with export ambitions to attend. The quality of the participating international and Finnish delegates is very high, yet the framework of the event remains intimate providing a unique opportunity to meet decision- makers outside the rush of the major European B2B events.” -Christian Hald Buhl (Factory 92, Germany)

Music and Media Finland opens doors into new business ventures! Lost in Music Festival offers you the chance to see some fantastic artists that may have not been on your radar before.” -Sharon Richardson (Factory Music Management and Agency Ltd.) 

"The Sync Summit Finland 2014 was a delightful experience. I met some great music people and sampled some unique new music (as well as liquorice and other interesting foods.) The music submitted was of a very high standard. All round a very good conference experience.” -Andrew Phillips (Xbox/Microsoft)

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