Waves Central Europe 2015

30.09.2015 – 04.10.2015

Kicking off on September 30, Waves Central Europe is a yearly international showcase festival for pop music held in Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia. Focusing mainly on alternative and indie music, the festival takes place in a series of music venues in the two cities over the weekend. Confirmed Finnish artists performing at the festival this year are Femme En Fourrure, The Hearing and Hisser. Also documentary film Machine Soul is shown at the festival.

Finnish showcase artists


Femme En Fourrure

Femme En Fourrure, which translates to “woman in fur” in French, is a male producer and female vocalist, who’ve worked hard to polish their sound and combine chrome cold club sounds with steadily growing tracks that are full of desire, sexually charged lyrics and hypnotic rhythms ranging from 100 to 130 BPM. Or as they put it, "It’s music made for DJs and catwalks, also for nightly promenades and ocean-side sexin'".

Showtime in Vienna

Thursday 01.10. 20:45–21:30 Haus der Musik Halle

Showtime in Bratislava

Friday 02.10. 22:40-23:20 Klub Dole

The Hearing

The Hearing is a one-woman act, a twenty-five year old woman called Ringa Manner who creates her harmonic and rhythmic music using multiple instruments. Her 2013 debut album Dorian is a confident debut showing genuine musical creativity and strong songwriting. If you're into warm vocal harmonies and pop melodies like Owen Pallet and St. Vincent, The Hearing is a must for you.

Showtime in Vienna

Thursday 01.10. 22:15–23:00 Haus der Musik Studio

Showtime in Bratislava

Friday 02.10. 23:40-0:20 Urban House


Hisser is Miikka Koivisto, a producer and singer from Helsinki, Finland. Koivisto is best known as the vocalist for the Helsinki based group Disco Ensemble, one of the most internationally renowned Finnish bands in the 2000's. The debut album is coming out in 2015.

Showtime in Vienna

Thursday 01.10. 18:45–19:30 Künstlerhaus Passage

Showtime in Bratislava

Friday 02.10. 01:10-2:00 Klub Dole


Finland’s arguably first and biggest indie blog sensation LCMDF were taken from their rehearsal room to international venues (and eventually to Heavenly Records) only mere months after their formation in 2008. Some years later, now reduced to the duo of sisters Emma and Mia Kemppainen, LCMDF are back with new material – catchy and arrogant electro pop that makes the crowd bounce up and down.

Showtime in Bratislava

Saturday 3.10. 0:40-1:20 KC Dunaj Bar

Machine Soul (documentary film)

Machine Soul is a documentary film about Finnish electronic musicians. The film features Jimi Tenor, Jori Hulkkonen, Orkidea, Randy Barracuda, Ural 13 Diktators, Acid Kings, Mika Vainio, Hannu Ikola and Mono Junk. 

Original Finnish version with English subtitles
65 min, color
Director: Anttoni Palm/Kimmo Koskinen

Showtime in Vienna

Thursday 01.10. 18:30–19:30 KiP

Showcase times for Bratislava announced soon.

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