Song Castle 2016

12.09.2016 – 15.09.2016



This September, the 2016 edition of Song Castle brought together dozens of songwriters, artists and industry professionals, resulting in a total of 24 songs.

Song Castle 2016 brought together 42 international artists, songwriters, singers, music publishers, label representatives and songwriter managers in the beatiful late summer of Finland in Kallio-Kuninkala, Järvenpää September 11–15.

The songwriting camp focused on creating pop songs for the US market. In addition, the camp fueled Nordic collaboration by bringing along songwriters from the other Nordic countries too. The international participants of the camp were Island Records, Columbia Records, Warner/Chappell, TEN Music and Pulse Music Group. Among the talent at Song Castle 2016 were artists Phoebe Ryan, Banners, Raja Kumari and Maria Hazell and songwriters Marty James, Whiskey Water and Lucas Nord. Among the Finnish songwriters excelled also upcoming artists Alma, Venior and Katéa. The Finnish producers and songwriters included professionals such as Jurek, Tido Nygren and Kalle Lindroth.

Since the first edition of Song Castle in 2007, Song Castle has had a very influential role in building the international networks of Finnish songwriters and music publishers and developing the pool of internationally successful songwriters from Finland. Resulting songs of Song Castle have attended the charts in the United States, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Sweden and Australia.

”Music Finland has done a fantastic job in bringing a collaborative group of songwriters, producers, publishers, and labels from various parts of the world to create, what I believe, was an unforgettable experience leading to long-lasting relationships with all involved.”
- Hannah Babitt, Pulse Music Group

”Song Castle has reached a new supreme level, which will open doors to new international markets. The guests and artists are top-notch and so are the Finnish songwriters and producers.”
- Ann Slangar, Sugar House Publishing

Song Castle 2016 in numbers

  • 14 Finnish songwriters from eight publishing and management companies
  • 10 songwriters from USA, Sweden, UK and Norway
  • 15 representatives of labels, publishing and management companies
  • 24 finished songs


Song Castle is one of the most renowned co-writing workshops in the Nordic countries. This year it runs from September 12th to 15th and takes place in the town of Järvenpää, a short drive away from the Helsinki airport. Song Castle brings together 40 songwriters, A&R representatives and publishers from Finland, the United States and Germany to network and write music in the beautiful Kallio-Kuninkala estate, a wonderful example of northern neoclassical architecture.

Since 2007, Song Castle has brought together the best songwriters from Finland and abroad to work on leads provided by major labels and publishers from the biggest music markets on the globe. The resulting songs have stormed the charts in the United States, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Sweden and Australia. The past two camps have created ”See Through” released on Pentatonix’ EP PTX Vol. III, which peaked at no. 5 on Billboard 200 and ”No Guts No Glory” released by Cassio Monroe and licensed to a trailer for The Voice Season 10.

”Year after year, Song Castle continues to build upon its already beneficial and seamlessly run songwriting camp. As a manager of US based songwriters, the camp gave us the opportunity to establish relationships with new writers from around the world and create highly competitive songs. I'm a firm supporter of the camp and recommend it to songwriters of all levels of success.”

- Greg Federspiel (This Is Noise Management, USA)

”Song Castle was the most well-organized, well put together writing camp I could ever ask for. What an inspiring place to write songs!”

- Melanie Fontana, songwriter

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