Ja Ja Ja –  London 2017 February

23.02.2017 – 23.02.2017

Ja Ja Ja Nordic Music Affair London is a club night which endeavours to bring the best new Nordic sounds to stages in the UK. 

The Nordic music night takes place at The Lexington in London, on the 23rd of February.

This time the club night will present Danish sensation SAVEUS, Norwegian rising star Amanda Delara and singer-songwriter Violet Days from Sweden. Not forgetting resident DJs Project Fresh Socks. Here are some of the Finnish artists who have performed at the previous club nights in London: Mirel WagnerLCMDFFrench FilmsMannaSansaPhantom, The New TigersSin Cos TanBurning HeartsDelay Trees, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Satellite Stories and Shine 2009

From spring 2017 the London night will collaborate with various promoters / club nights / festivals. The night will still be fully run by the Ja Ja Ja team but by co-promoting it with credible UK promoters it's possible to tap into new audience and bring more industry down to the shows. Booking process will be the same with a representative from each collaborator joining the booking group meeting. The confirmed partners are Gold Dust (February), The Great Escape (March) and DIY Presents (April).

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