In the Spotlight

  • 12.5.2016

    Elifantree brings EWI and acid-singing to the public

    The highly personal and pop-savvy sound of Elifantree has charmed listeners in Finland and beyond ever since their debut album was released in 2010. Now the trio gets ready to present their new music fresh after introducing a new member behind the drum kit.

  • 29.3.2016

    Oddarrang and Mopo all set for their next step

    Mopo and Oddarrang are part of the showcase program at Jazzahead! festival, where they will show just why they rank among the most interesting up-and-comers in the Finnish scene.

  • 21.5.2015

    Natural choices

    Trumpet player Verneri Pohjola swapped record labels to release Bullhorn, his boldest and most accomplished artistic statement to date.

  • 17.9.2014

    Refreshingly hard and gruff

    To begin with, it would be quite straightforward to just trace the roots of Black Motor to the band’s home town of Tampere, make a quick note of the time at hand (January 2005) and move on. But to really predict the future and understand the motives of this raunchy free jazz trio, one is obliged to delve deeper. Where does the idea come from? How is the commitment so strong?

  • 7.2.2014

    Cutting it Lower East Side

    Andrew Cyrille & Mikko Innanen, Black Motor and Rakka showcased three takes on the current sound of Finnish jazz in New York.

  • 15.11.2013

    In Conversation with Kari Ikonen & Joonas Haavisto

    Forward-looking jazz pianists Kari Ikonen and Joonas Haavisto talk shop about taking their jazz outside of the Finnish borders.

  • 22.2.2013

    Helsinki jazz going overground

    With their new project, the Helsinki Jazz Underground, active jazz figures Jussi Fredriksson and Jaska Lukkarinen plan to take their local scene a step forward.

  • 3.12.2012

    Jazz musicians taking over the club scene

    The Helsinki jazz club scene is buzzing at the moment, and a large amount of the action is organised by musicians, self-providing themselves with meaningful platforms of interaction.

  • 9.11.2012

    Visual jazz

    Oddarrang, an ensemble led by drummer-composer Olavi Louhivuori is known for their vast sonic landscapes which could well be described as being ”visual”. The group will perform at the London Jazz Festival 2012 and release their next album via the UK label Edition Records.

  • 24.9.2012

    Q&A with Mikko Innanen

    Saxophone player Mikko Innanen is one of the most accomplished Finnish musicians on the international jazz circuit. He regularly plays abroad and frequently visits New York, where he actively collaborates with local musicians. He leads the Innkvisitio ensemble, and is also an integral part of such highly regarded groups as PLOP, Kalle Kalima & K-18 and Gourmet.

  • 2.8.2012

    A Pioneer of Finnish Jazz

    "Jukkis has the unique ability to combine his penetrating insight into 20th-century music with a vision of the future. He is always my first choice" - Tim Hagans