In the Spotlight

  • 14.3.2017

    Finland’s biggest indie band is ready for the limelight

    Over the last decade or so, indie pop has been pronounced dead more times than one cares to count. But don't tell that to Satellite Stories, who are about to hit it big with their major label debut.

  • 9.12.2016

    Saara Aalto – from talent shows to the major league?

    A photo of Saara Aalto is what you should find in a dictionary if you look up for “sisu” – the word meaning Finnish guts and persistence. After attending several talent shows in Finland Saara Aalto chose to go after a bigger fish. She auditioned for The X Factor UK and went from being the underdog to charming everyone. She’s now one of the three finalists and on Sunday we’ll know if she wins the whole competition.

  • 5.9.2016

    I will float until I learn how to swim – Alma’s crazy summer

    There are things that no one can expect or predict. Not even the people, who are related to these things. Not even 20-year-old Finnish singer Alma Miettinen.

  • 13.5.2015

    It’s only punk rock, but the world needs to hear it

    Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (‘The Namedays of Pertti Kurikka’) is a punk rock band established in 2009, consisting of four members with learning disabilities. The band was devised as a result of an art workshop, and linked also to a fiction movie project centering on the rights and possibilities of a disabled person for independence and love (Vähän kunnoitusta aka Gimme Some Respect, 2010).

  • 18.2.2014

    Joonas Angeria is headed for Billboard

    Back in December we talked to Isac Elliot, the teenage popstar trying to conquer the world, and now it’s time to say hello to the person who made his debut album happen. Within a year Joonas Angeria has become one of the most promising producers out there. And he might just be the one to bring Finnish pop to international listeners on a large scale.

  • 3.12.2013

    Isac Elliot is not afraid to ‘dream big’

    One of the most sudden teen sensations of late has been Isac Elliot, the Espoo-born 12-year-old whose pop songs have conquered the charts with their combination of catchy EDM-flavored beats and relatable lyrics.

  • 23.5.2013

    Semper Punk

    Statues, South American tours and documentaries are mostly what's up in and around Finnish punk rock.

  • 28.11.2012

    International Flavours from Finland: Eva & Manu and LCMDF

    Nuorgam <3 Eurosonic, part2... Nuorgam, the snazziest little music site in Finland, takes a long look at the bands we are carting off to Eurosonic. In this second episode Eva & Manu and LCMDF go under the microscope.

  • 29.10.2012

    For the love of music

    Mikko Tamminen is one of the most prominent Finnish songwriters to rise to the international front recently. But what does it take to achieve that level in making music professionally?

  • 16.9.2012

    Teemu Brunila hits his sweet spot as a songwriter

    Brunila lands a co-write on Billboard Hot 200-topping album by Trey Songz. If Bill Clinton’s legendary campaign manager James “Ragin’ Cajun” Carville was involved in the music business, he’d have probably have his motto on the wall of his office, possibly in crocheted form: It’s the songs, stupid.

  • 10.7.2012

    Fullsteam Family - Straddling the Fence

    What started as a as a hobbyist foray into record distribution has over the last ten years evolved into an important part of the Finnish music business, with its finger in many pies from festival promotion and practice spaces to publishing, booking Finnish concerts for major international stars and a turnover of 6 million euros.