Luminous Online 2020

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Luminous Online

Welcome to Luminous Online, a virtual showcase event presenting some of the most exciting acts in the Finnish music scene today. The program consists of nine shows (10 minutes each) as well as short keynotes and group conversations.
The showcase is hosted by Kasper Strömman, Finnish social media influencer and podcaster known for his love of bagels and holding the title of Graphic Designer of the Year 2013. 
On this page, you'll find all important information that you need to dive in to the virtual festival! 
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Starting hours by country: 

10am EST: New York
2pm UTC/GMT: Reykjavik
3pm UTC +1: London
4pm CEST: Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris
5pm EET: Helsinki

Thursday’s schedule (EET):

17:00 START
17:02-17:12 JESSE MARKIN
17:12-17:24 PEKKO KÄPPI
17:24-17:36 OLIVERA
17:36-17:58 KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: Martin Goldschmidt, Cooking Vinyl (UK). 
Moderator: Tapio Korjus, Rockadillo Records & Production (FI).
18:25-18:37 PK KERÄNEN
18:37-18:48 O SAMULI A
18:48-19:00 WRAP UP


Friday’s schedule (EET):

17:00 START 
17:05-17:15 LOUIE BLUE
17:15-17:27 DETALJI
17:27-17:55 PANEL: Live streaming and hybrid events: best practices and monetization. 
Panelists: Lydia Kirschstein, Trinifold (UK/Germany), Oskar Strajn, Eurosonic Noorderslaag (NL) & Thomas Jepsen, Roskilde (DK).
Moderator: Teemu Laitinen, PME Records (FI).
18:24-18:38 TOMI SAARIO
18:38-18:50 JOENSUU1685
18:50-19:00 WRAP UP


Topics for group discussions

Thursday grouped by expertise:

PROMOTION - best ways to promote new acts 2020 
LIVE - how to plan tours in a world where you can’t tour? 
LABELS – world of releases in 2020-2021 
FUTURE OF SHOWCASES - how to showcase your artist better than others?

Friday all groups: 

DISCUSSION – LIVE STREAMING AND HYBRID EVENTS: best practices and monetization

Artists & Showcases

The showcase selection consists of nine bands and artists, ranging from glistening electronic beats to shoegazey guitar walls and from ancient folk instruments to bright pop melodies.

Jesse Markin

Jesse Markin is a Liberian-born singer-songwriter from Finland. Originally making his name as rapper from the group The Megaphone State – producing three critically acclaimed hip-hop albums – his solo project moves him forward both musically and thematically, broadening his style from rapping to singing. In Finland, Markin's debut solo album Folk has so far won several awards such as Critics Choice Emma, Indie Awards as well as Teosto prize.

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Pekko Käppi

The dark, richly harmonic sounds of jouhikko – the Finnish bowed lyre – have been fueling story-telling across the Baltic region for centuries. Pekko Käppi is a visionary folk music composer, ethnomusicologist and album-award-winning solo artist, whose oeuvre revolutionized the standards of playing the ancient Finnish instrument by plugging it into an amplifier.

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The 25-year-old singer and songwriter Olivera is a mixture of a modern indie pop artist and “a goofy little garden gnome”. After releasing her debut solo EP "Flow" in 2015, Olivera has featured huge EDM names such as Tiësto, Zaxx, 3LAU and Sonny Alven. On her solo productions she works with the Finnish producer Lenno. Her latest single "Tomorrows" came out June 5.

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PK Keränen

PK Keränen, best known from being the guitarist and founder of the band 22-Pistepirkko since 1982, is one of Finland’s most respected rock musician. He’s a self-taught guitarist, singer, performing artist, composer and lyricist. His much-awaited debut solo album "Serobi Songs" was released in early 2020.

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O Samuli A

A veteran in the Helsinki electro scene, O Samuli A produces electronic music ranging from “soothing dumbient soundscapes to funky chipstep bleeps and styles”. O Samuli A’s new album Condition Yellow, released under through Svart Records, follows the guidelines set of his previous album Field Trip.

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Louie Blue

18-year-old Finnish-Italian singer-songwriter Louie Blue (Alec Moborg) released his debut single "Confused" in June 2019. His music is a fusion between smooth r&b, soulful indie pop and sophisticated dance beats. Louie Blue first started operating from behind a small Finnish indie label Booa Music, and last September, the team joined forces with Sony Music. Louie Blue dropped his debut album in early 2020 once again convincing both the audience and critics in Finland.

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Detalji (Krista Myllyviita) is a Helsinki based artist and producer known for her self-written anthems dedicated to the club culture. In 2019, she was shortlisted for Breakthrough Artist of the Year on Finnish national radio, and won a Femma Award (Finnish "indie Grammy”) for Best Electronic Act. She also played her first shows outside of Finland appearing at Iceland Airwaves and Eurosonic Noorderslag. She released a romantic party anthem "Without You" in February 2020.

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Tomi Saario

Tomi Saario grabbed a guitar at the age of 5, after finding out to be “too blind to be a pilot”. Saario is a compelling storyteller and an artist with an innate knack for writing pop hooks. After a decision to move to London to pursue his music career, he played over a thousand shows in 4 years. His debut single "Just A Little" was released in early 2020 and another one “Don’t hurt yourself” shortly after.

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Joensuu 1685 is a rock trio formed in 2007 by two brothers Mikko and Markus Joensuu with Risto Joensuu (no relation). Their music is drowned in overtones, feedback and noise, and paint a soft but sizzling stream of big beauty. In 2018 the band reunited after a break and decided to return with the unfinished album abandoned years ago – which is now finished and will be released in 2020.

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Martin Goldschmidt / Managing director, co-founder / Cooking Vinyl (UK)
Will Larnach-Jones / General director / Iceland Airwaves (UK)
Sindri Ástmarsson / Promoter / Iceland Airwaves (Iceland)
Keith Miller / Promoter / Wide Awake / LNZRT (UK)
Charlotte Board / Manager Charlotte / Elizabeth International (UK)
Anika Mottershaw / A&R / Bella Union (UK)
Francesca Ivaldi / A&R / XL (UK)
Robert Meijerink / promoter / Eurosonic Noorderslaag (NL)
Oskar Strajn / promoter / Eurosonic Noorderslaag (NL)
Gis Von Ice / Manager / Hill Media (UK)
Thomas Sønderby Jepsen / Promoter / Roskilde (DK)
Rev. Moose / Owner / Marauder Group (USA)
Andraz Kajzer / Artistic director / MENT Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Fabrice Martin / Managing director / La Mission (France)
Lydia Kirschstein / Manager / Trinifold (UK/Germany)
Juan VanderVoort / Director of Recordings / [PIAS] (UK)
Bjørn Pfarr / Promoter / Reeperbahn Festival (Germany)

Artist representatives

Jason White / Detalji / 4ad (UK)
Jamie Hole / Tomi Saario / Whole Entertainment (UK)
Jonas Wervijnen / Joensuu1685 / Kieku Records (FI)
Martin Linnankoski / Jesse Markin / VILD Music (FI)
Ninni Wetterstrand / Olivera / Playground (FI)
Minna Huuskonen / Pekko Käppi / Minnamurra Agency (FI)  
Kari Pössi / PK Keränen / Piikkikasvi Agency (FI)
Nicholas Klimscheffskij / Louie Blue / Booa Music (FI)


Tapio Korjus / CEO, founder / Rockadillo Records & Production
Timo Kuoppamäki / Head of A&R / Sony Music Finland
Riku Pääkkönen / CEO, founder / Ranka Kustannus
Semira Ketroussi / A&R / Elements Music
Nick Triani / A&R, promotion / Playground Music
Fredi Lunden / A&R  / Warner/HMC
Teemu Laitinen / CEO / PME Records
Heta Hyttinen / Manager / Ginger Vine Management & PR
Kalle Valkama / Stupido Booking (Pastis)
Aki Roukala / Manager, founder / Is This Art?
Linda Lundberg / Manager / Checkbox Music, All Good Management, Arctic Rights
Olli Halonen / A&R / Sony Music Finland
Annika Oksanen / Promoter, Agent / Live Nation Finland
Pekka Lehti / Music Finland, Gramex
Jani Jalonen / Teosto

Links & Instructions

To attend Luminous Online on Zoom, choose and click the link below.

Thursday June 25

Topic: Luminous Online 2020
Time: Jun 25, 2020 17:00 Europe/Tallinn
Join Thursday's Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 818 9017 5402  

Friday June 26

Topic: Luminous Online 2020
Time: Jun 26, 2020 17:00 Europe/Tallinn
Join Friday's Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 880 0895 7904


  • It is recommended to join on laptop and use headphones to observe the showcase with the best quality.
  • Please sign in using your first and last name (no nicknames). You may also add your company name: Name Surname, Company
  • The meeting room will open 15 minutes before starting time, please join before the sharp start at 17.00 (EET Finnish time)
  • Use the chat to communicate with other participants during the showcases
  • It is recommended to keep your video on, especially in the beginning, end and the small group networking discussions. But it’s also ok to turn video off at times.
  • There will also be a “very important” quiz running throughout the showcase, so prepare your brain and reaction speed! 

If you haven’t used Zoom before, please download the desktop app here (Zoom Client for Meetings).