Albums by Anne-Mari Kivimäki and Freija chosen as the folk albums of the year 2015

Two albums, Lakkautettu kylä (“A Closed-down Village”) by Anne-Mari Kivimäki as well as Liki (“Very Near”) by Freija received the recognition of the Best Folk Album of 2015. 

The annual poll is organized in co-operation by and Kansanmusiikki magazine. Both the music professionals and the audience get to vote for the best Finnish folk and world music albums. This year the voting result was a tie between these two albums, thus the recognition was given to both. 

Accordionist, composer Anne-Mari Kivimäki’s album Lakkautettu kylä takes the listener from the village parties of the early 20th century to this day. Kivimäki’s own modern Karelian-inspired music meets the sentimental wartime schlagers. Together with archive recordings featuring Karelian-language storytelling, this music forms unique soundscapes.

Liki is the third album by the 10-year old Freija ensemble. Stylishly combining traditional music to old dance and schlager music, this album features both updated Finnish evergreens and old ballads, as well as new tunes.