Arctic Paradise Contemporary gathers contemporary music professionals to Helsinki

In February 2019 Music Finland’s Arctic Paradise Contemporary will gather international contemporary music professionals to network with their Finnish counterparts in Helsinki.

Arctic Paradise Contemporary (organised in Helsinki between February 1–4 2019) is a tailored networking and showcase event, which brings a selection of international guests together with the key players of the Finnish contemporary classical scene. The event showcases some of the most up-to-date musical talent, ensembles, musicians and composers from Finland, and helps professionals build new international networks.

The event includes concerts, networking, panel discussions and other activities in wintery Helsinki. We will bring a group of approximately 15 international gatekeepers to the event: artistic directors of festivals and ensembles, music publishers, conductors and music journalists.

The musical part of the event consists of Musica nova Helsinki festival concerts and a showcase concert programme. The event’s aim is to provide a comprehensive picture of the most interesting contemporary music in Finland today, to enable new international partnerships and networks, and to strengthen the internationalization and renown of Finnish contemporary music professionals.