Arnold Chiwalala Band performs at Taiwan’s National Performing Arts Center

Arnold Chiwalala Band will perform tomorrow, Saturday November 7, at the National Performing Arts Center of Taiwan. The concert’s theme is “Ways to Listen to The World – Introductory Concert Series – When Afro Grooves Meet Finnish Kantele”, and it takes place at the National Recital Hall.

Arnold Chiwalala, educated in the world famous Bagamoyo Art School (nowadays known as TaSUBa, Bagamoyo Institute of Arts and Culture) is a musician, choreographer, singer, dancer, composer, and educator. He has studied and taught in Sibelius Academy, where he finished his doctorate in 2009.

Influenced by the encouragement for composition and orchestration at the Sibelius Academy, Chiwalala developed the unique music style of “Chizentele,” combining elements from the traditional Tanzanian instrument zeze and Finnish folk instrument kantele.

Arnold Chiwalala Band is:

Arnold Chiwalala (Tanzania) - kantele, flute, percussion/ngomas, vocals and dance
Topi Korhonen - guitar, trumpet,vocals and dance
Sami Kurppa - sax, keyboard
Libasse Sall (Senegal) - bass
Ricardo Padilla - percussion, vocals and dance
Menard Mponda (Tanzania) - percussion/ngomas, vocals and dance

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