Aus Finnland export project begins

Aus Finnland, the largest Finnish music export project ever, launched at the beginning of 2015. The two-year initiative will bring a surge of Finnish music to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, aiming to increase the number of new openings, projects and contracts as well as the number of shows and performances of Finnish music in the market.

The goal of the project is to increase the exports and the exposure of Finnish music, and in the long term to create a sustainable base for the future of music export in this territory.

“Finnish music is currently – more so than ever before – on a fast rise towards international recognition on a large scale. There are of course the renowned Finnish superstars, such as Sunrise Avenue or Nightwish, but at the same time there’s a big group of exciting new acts that are on the verge of an international breakthrough. This applies to all genres from pop to indie, electronic to urban, classical to jazz and so on”, says Tuomo Tähtinen, the director of Music Finland.

In September 2015 Finland will be the first partner country of Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

Aus Finnland website is now open at The site includes news, information about Finnish music industry and concert calendar of Finnish acts performing in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.