Baltic Waves - Five bands and five countries

Baltic Waves is a five-band five-country tour taking place in November, 2012. The bands included are Ö (FIN) Stūrī Zēvele (LAT), Id Rev (EST), Mackaper (SWE), and Snöleoparden (DEN).

The tour last from 1st to 11th of November traveling to these cities: Riga, Latvia; Tallinn, Estonia; Helsinki, Finland; Tampere, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Gothenburg, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark. In all the aforementioned cities (except Tampere) the tour will host two nights of live music including five tour bands plus one local guest artist.

The Finnish participant at Baltic Waves is a group entitled Ö, or ÖÖÖÖÖ or Ö oerchestra. It’s members (Seidi Guzejev, violin, Juho Kaitajärvi, guitar, Joel Kupiainen, guitar, Tuomas Palonen, guitar, Essi Pelkonen, guitar, Teemu Tanner, guitar, Iiris Tötterström, cello) have been active in a number of other Helsinki underground outfits. Ö's approach to music is not genre specific but rather combines various elements such as classical minimalism, free improvisation and polyrhythms.

The key idea is to produce overlapping, roughly synchronized layers of music and rhythm constituting a complex web of simultaneuos sounds, melodies, and fragments. Ö have also collaborated with media artists, dancers, and the theater. Ö's debut album will be released by 267 Lattajjaa Records in October 2012. You may listen their music at Soundcloud.

Baltic Waves aims to support collaboration between Baltic and Nordic countries by bringing artists to perform together. The tour will introduce top indie and underground acts to new audiences in their neighbouring countries.