China’s Modern Sky Festival reaches Finland – and brings Finnish music abroad

China’s largest festival organizer Modern Sky will host a festival in Helsinki, Finland in August. This will be the first Modern Sky festival organized in Europe so far. This fall, Modern Sky will be held also in Seattle and New York in the US, as well as its home country China.

Modern Sky Helsinki, held at Hietalahti Shipyard on August 28.–29. will focus on Nordic and Asian electronic music. The festival brings international acts such as Communions (DK), Sunwoo Jung-A (KR), Nova Heart (CN), Thaiboy Digital (SE), Stylish Nonsense (TH), Zhala (SE) as well as showcases domestic talent such as Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Eero Johannes, Ronya and Teksti TV-666.

Finnish and Nordic music will be also in the spotlight on the American and Asian counterparts of the festival: Mirel Wagner will perform in Modern Sky Seattle while Ronya and Jaakko Eino Kalevi are playing at the festival in China.

There will also be a seminar programme coinciding with Modern Sky Helsinki. EARS – Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions brings together professionals form creative arts from Europe and Asia.

The festival aims to build relationships between Nordic countries and Asia with music and design. The visual identities of all Modern Sky festivals will be designed by Finnish artist Jesse Auersalo along with Finnish animation studio Anima Boutique.

Modern Sky Helsinki co-operates with Helsinki Festival and Helsinki's Live Music Association ELMU Ry.