Defunensemble and Ensemble Adapter collaborate at Tampere Biennale

Contemporary ensembles defunensemble from Finland and German-Icelandic Ensemble Adapter are collaborating this spring. As a part of the collaboration the two ensembles will perform joint concerts in Finland and Germany. The collaboration was initiated by Music Finland as a part of Aus Finnland project.  

The two ensembles have commissioned works from composers Kimmo Kuokkala and Sergej Maingardt. Kuokkala’s work Avaruusrauniot will be premiered at Tampere Biennale, where the first collaborative concert will be held. Also Jarkko Hartikainen’s Studies on Empathy and Mikołaj Laskowski’s Atlantis & **** are performed in the concert. The premiere of Maingardt’s work is planned for the autumn. 

In addition defunensemble and Ensemble Adapter will perform two concerts in Germany in May, first at Chiffren Festival in Kiel on May 26th, and second as a part of Kontraklang concert series in Berlin on May 28th.

Read our In the Spotlight feature on defunensemble here. Sami Klemola, the founder of defunensemble, wrote a column for the spring issue of the FMQ, and you can read it here, and Aarne Toivonen’s article on the Tampere Biennale 2016 here.

Guests at Tampere Biennale

Music Finland brings the following four professionals from Germany and Switzerland to Tampere Biennale:

Thomas BrunsEnsemble KNM Berlin
Leonardo IdroboInternationale Gesellschaft für neue Musik, Basel
Hubert Machnik, composer/guitarist/media artist
Jens SchubbeCollegium Novum Zürich