Survey: Finnish music professionals see growth in export, live music and synchronization

Together with its member organizations, Music Finland surveyed Finnish music professionals’ perceptions of the sector’s current state and future prospects in the spring of 2016. The results of the survey are now published in the report Musiikkialan barometri 2016 (”A View on Finnish  Music Industry 2016”).

The tacit knowledge and prospects of the music Finnish field have not been previously researched to this extent. The survey seeks to ascertain the music professionals’ views and feelings about the music field and their own activities within it. The survey’s themes focus on the economy, structural change and globalization of the music industry as well as media environment.

Nearly 700 music industry professionals responded to the questionnaire. Their answers show that the Finnish music industry appears quite consistent. Although professionals working in different genres and positions seem concerned about different questions, they see the future of music industry quite similarly. Finnish music workers see the industry's future bright, despite current challenges such as the employment situation and changes in revenue generation.

Music industry widely believes in the growth of exports, as well as live music field. Especially music companies see a lot of growth potential in exports. Also music synchronization (for media such as games and movies) as well as digital applications are expected to bring new income streams for the sector in the future.

Although there is confidence of growth, the employment situation in the sector arouses concern. Practices that are still taking shape in new distribution channels such as streaming services, like payments to artists, also cause uncertainty in income. Radio stations’ playlists also raise criticism among those answering.

Major changes in the media field also come up in the survey. Social media and streaming services were considered the most significant music media, along with radio and TV.

The survey was carried out by Music Finland in co-operation with The Finnish Society of Composers and Lyricists Elvis ry, Copyright Society of Performing Artists and Producers of Phonograms Gramex Ry, Finnish Independent Music Companies Association IndieCo, IFPI Finland (The Finnish National Group of IFPI), Finnish Musicians' Union Muusikoiden liitto, Finnish Music Publishers Association Musiikkikustantajat and Finnish Composers' Copyright Society Teosto ry.

Read the report in Finnish (PDF format).