Four new artists to follow 1/2017

We’re taking a look at some of the most exciting and fresh newcomers in the Finnish music scene. This month we feature Pykäri, Perttu (in the cover image), OK:KO and One Desire. Also, don't miss our Spotify playlist below!


Mikko Pykäri is an Emma-award winning musician and music producer known from bands like Regina, Shine 2009 and Cup. In 2017 he started his solo career as Pykäri and his self-titled debut album was released in May by Solina Records. The album features a wide array of guests, including Yona, Mio, Pyhimys, Reino Nordin, LCMDF, Sami Suova, SOMA, Pass, Zuzu Zakaria & Biitsi.


Pop house producer Perttu put out his first single ”Waves” last year, which became a large summer hit –after that he’s dropped two singles, with the latest one, ”Circles” released by the acclaimed Dutch label Armada Music. In addition to working on his own songs, Perttu has produced songs for promising new acts like Lxandra.


Drummer and vibraphonist Okko Saastamoinen formed his quartet OK:KO in 2015 together with pianist Toomas Keski-Säntti, saxophonist-flautist Jarno Tikka and bassist Mikael Saastamoinen. OK:KO has already gained positive attention at the Young Nordic Jazz Comets showcase, and We Jazz festival awarded the band leader Okko Saastamoinen with an honorary title “We Jazz Rising Star” in 2016. OK:KO’s debut album Land E. was released in January.

One Desire

One Desire is a hard rock group who draw influences from classic rock bands like JourneyToto, and Def Leppard. Although the band is relatively new, the members have plenty of past experience from various bands and projects: guitarist and producer Jimmy Westerlund has produced albums and songs for Negative, Joel Madden and Pitbull, vocalist Andre Linman was the leader of rock band Sturm und Drang and Jonas Kuhlberg has played in Paul Di’Anno’s band and MyGrain. Their self-titled album was released by the renowned heavy metal label Frontiers Music.

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