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Since the coronavirus outbreak, there has been an increasing demand for downloadable scores and parts. Discover sheet music by Finnish composers from our library on Composers & Repertoire website.

Music Finland Composers & Repertoire website provides an updating selection of Finnish sheet music, with the most recent additions listed on the front page. Most works in our archives can be purchased both digitally as PDF files as well as printed publications.

We have new digital scores available every day as newest works are automatically available in digital format. The digitization process of older sheet music is an ongoing process. If you wish to purchase a digital PDF version but you can’t find it at the web shop yet, please contact us at

Fennica Gehrman released a wide selection of new scores

In addition to Music Finland's sheet music library, the biggest contemporary and classical music publisher in Finland, Fennica Gehrman, has recently published nearly 500 choral pieces as PDF-editions at their web shop.

To celebrate the latest Mother’s Day, Fennica Gehrman also released 14 scores by four Finns whose music has been overshadowed by their male colleagues in the past: Minna von Knorring (1849-1918), Helvi Leiviskä (1918-1944) and Ann-Elise Hannikainen (1946-2012) as well as Ida Moberg (1859-1947). Moberg’s Stillhet – an exerpt of an unfinished opera Asiens ljus – was quoted by Lotta Wennäkoski in her recent orchestral work Om fotspår och ljus