Ja Ja Ja Berlin returns in September with The Holy, Tuvaband and Wangel on lineup

Ja Ja Ja returns to FluxBau in Berlin on Thursday 7th September. The lineup consists of rising Finnish outfit The Holy, hypnotic Norwegian duo Tuvaband and electronic pop proposition Wangel from Copenhagen. 

Tickets are on sale now, €5 in advance for Ja Ja Ja members. For more information, head here.

The Holy

The most clearly recognisable influences of Helsinki-based band The Holy are a singer-songwriter tradition in the vein of Bruce Springsteen and aesthetics of krautrock. The band was founded on the desire to make humongous, noisy songs and to create magnificently large soundscapes with the help of two drummers and a whole lot of roaring guitars.

The band’s first EP More Escher and Random Notes was released in the spring of 2016, and since then, their ferocious live performances have attracted widespread attention.