Janne Hyöty, Teemu Lillrank and Tobias Granbacka receives the Export of the year 2016 award

The Finnish Music Publishers Association has awarded songwriter Janne Hyöty, Teemu Lillrank and Tobias Granbacka with the 2016 Export award. The award was given for the success of Japanese boy band KAT-TUN's single "Unlock", which was number #1 on the Japanese sales chart in March. The single was co-written by Tobias Granbacka, Manabu Marutani and Command Freaks. The b-side to the single, "Ame ni Saku Ai, Yoru ni Naku Ai" which was written with Janne Hyöty, Teemu Lillrank and Iwatsubo Koudain

In addition to the Export award, Finnish Music Publishers' Association awarded prizes with magnitude of € 2,000 in three other categories. Lotta Wennäkoski was chosen as the art music composer of the year, Jurek Reunamäki was awarded as the popular music maker of and year and pop-rap duo JVG's track "Tarkenee", written by Antti Riihimäki, Jukka Immonen, Teemu Brunila, VilleGalle and Jare Brand was named best song of the year.