LIFEM video: Iiro Rantala & Thinking of Misty

Iiro Rantala has been charming audiences with his skills on the piano for over two decades now, with over 15 albums and tons of live shows around the world. Since his early days as the founding member of Trio Töykeät, Rantala has grown into one of Finland's best known jazz artists both home and abroad. In addition to jazz, he has composed some classical pieces and even had his own tv show in Finland.

This November the always energetic artist will arrive to the LIFEM - The Finnish Line festival to perform his trademark set of playful jazz.

On this video Rantala speaks about his playing style & performs 'Thinking of Misty' from his Lost Heroes album. And he also tells us why keeping it simple can be challenging. For more info on the concert at LIFEM on November 2, see the festival website.