Maustetytöt set foot abroad after Fallen Leaves success

Maustetytöt, the indie pop duo playing in the karaoke bar corner in Aki Kaurismäki’s "Fallen Leaves", has found interest outside their native Finland. The "impossibly cool modern Finnish duo", as described by NYT, will be next heading for a tour abroad.

Maustetytöt, the duo making a haunting appearance in Aki Kaurismäki’s latest feature film Fallen Leaves (2023) – performing on a bar scene not very much unlike those in the legendary Road House sequences on David Lynch's Twin Peaks – has recently found attention internationally. The band, consisting of sisters Anna (guitar, vocals) and Kaisa (keyboards, vocals) Karjalainen, had a major feature interview in The Guardian’s music section and also snatched a good part in New York Times article on the Fallen Leaves. The duo is now embarking on a European tour in May, with a string of live dates in Germany, France and Sweden, as well as Primavera Sound in Barcelona. This will be Maustetytöt’s first major tour consisting of several countries outside of Finland – although last year the band played shows in Germany, Sweden and Czech, coinciding with the advance screenings of Fallen Leaves. In the film, the sisters perform their track "Syntynyt suruun ja puettu pettymyksin".

Maustetytöt (which translates to “the spice girls” – and no, the band does not have any real connection to their British namesakes) has been a massive phenomenon immediately after the release of their debut single "Tein kai lottorivini väärin" in 2019. Maustetytöt's debut album released the same year, Kaikki tiet vievät Peltolaan, has as well received widespread praise especially for its refreshing originality and poignant lyrics.

The first two Maustetytöt albums have topped the Finnish album chart (with the third reaching the number 2 spot), also garnering significant acclaim in the press. Known for their distinctive and straightforward style along with eccentric stage presence as well as their pessimistic and laconic lyrics, addressing serious topics such as drinking, violence, mental illness, and war, Maustetytöt is surely the flipside of the World's Happiest Country coin – and that seems to be an excellent recipe for success!

Maustetytöt European tour 2024 (with more dates tbc):

12.5. Nochtwache, Hamburg (DE)
13.5. Lido, Berlin (DE)
14.5. Milla, München (DE)
15.5. Stadtgarten, Cologne (DE)
17.5. About Pop, Stuttgart (DE)
18.5. Gut Bennigsen, Hannover (DE)
23.4. Le Hasard Ludique, Paris (FR)
24.5. Nobel, Leiden (NL)
27.5. Primavera a la Ciutat, Barcelona (ES)
31.5. Gatarze, Athens (GR)

Watch "Syntynyt suruun ja puettu pettymyksin" performed live.



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