Music Finland’s new Composers & Repertoire site opens with an online store

Music Finland’s revised Composers & Repertoire website has been opened today at The site provides comprehensive information on Finnish classical and contemporary composers and their works, as well as an international online store for sheet music.

Music Finland’s Library distributes unpublished material by Finnish composers. The library currently distributes works by a total of 278 living composers in both physical and digital format and also sells and rents works by hundreds of deceased composers.

On the Composers & Repertoire website, you can find all sheet music distributed by Music Finland under the same search functions with a large database of composer profiles. In addition to the score distribution, the archive carries information on a variety of works not distributed by Music Finland. Under the composer profiles, the users can stream music and access sheet music samples.

The site includes diverse search functions, but also browsing is made easy. On the home page the users can find a playlist of Finnish music and topical article links. The newly opened online store offers the opportunity to buy partitures directly in digital format, as well as physical copies. The vast majority of notes represent classical and contemporary music, but the selection also includes pops orchestra and big band music, among other genres.

Music Finland's sheet music library was established in 1963, when the Finnish Music Information Centre Fimic was founded. Its customers include orchestras, musicians, educational institutions, researchers, editors and artistic directors. The music library also provides artistic consultation. It operates internationally: along domestic sales, Finnish composers’ sheet music is shipped mostly to Germany, the USA, Great Britain and France.

Music Finland’s Composers & Repertoire website was made by Agency Leroy.