New Artists to Follow 1/2021

On this year’s first edition of New artists to follow we will once again feature some of the most interesting and exciting newcomers of the Finnish music scene. Get to know Misha (on the cover photo), NOOA, Blame Me! and Vince Vigo and dive into different music scenes all the way from electronic indie pop to fresh alternative metal music. Also, don’t forget to listen to our New artists to follow Spotify playlist.


Misha is a Helsinki based beatmaker and producer previously known as rapper under the name Haamu. His musical background lays in melodic soul-based hiphop. Misha’s debut album was released in 2018 and described to be an “anthem for Finnish serene summer evenings”. Along with catchy beats, his music features often vocals from well-established international and domestic singers.

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Photo by Anna Niskanen

NOOA is an electronic indie pop band influenced by the 1970’s prog rock as well as today’s alternative music. Their music relies on ethereal and clear sounds and on singer Noora Salmi’s bright voice. The line-up is completed by Ranieri Scoccia, Petri Kytö and Mikko Patama. According to the band, the stories behind their songs tackle the basic human conditions and the relationship with present, future and the past.

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Blame Me!

Blame me! is a fresh female-fronted alternative metal band from Helsinki. Their music combines anthemic choruses into huge walls of guitars and synths and has been influenced by Paramore’s music. Blame Me!’s sound has a hunch of melodic metal as well as punk pop. The band consists of singer Bini Silvennoinen, guitarist Jesse Marttila, drummer Vallu Kousa and bassist Juho Jokimies and pledges to be an energetic act on stage.

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Vince Vigo

Vince Vigo is an electronic pop singer and songwriter whose music combines the elements of early 2000’s pop music and modern indie pop. The artist has her roots in Turku, Finland and she herself defines her music as intensive electronic dark pop with lyrics that build up a coherent story around the themes of heartbreak and common Finnish melancholy. Vince Vigo released her first two EP’s in 2021.

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