New Artists to Follow 2/2022

On our latest edition of New Artists to Follow you'll get to know Averagekidluke (pictured above), Elia Lombardini, Her Shadow and moshimoshi. Find more out about these interesting newcomers and take a listen to their sounds – ranging from uplifting pop rap to cinematic violin soundscapes and Lynchian dream pop to energetic emo rock. Ps. scroll down for a playlist featuring all our "New artists" picks!


Finnish-American rapper Averagekidluke (pictured above) was discovered on Soundcloud when he was merely 19 years old. It did not take long until he impressed major A&R’s with his imposing flow and melodic rapping. First Averagekidluke signed to Warner Music Finland as one of the label's main export artists. In 2022 Averagekidluke inked his first international record deal with Parlophone UK. His 2021 debut ep "Promised Neverland" was followed by the singles “Gone" and “No Good 4 U” in 2022.

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Elia Lombardini

Elia Lombardini (Elias Riipinen) is a Finnish-Italian composer, producer and violinist. His music fluctuates between classical and electronic music, cathartic harmony and atonal breakdowns. The Helsinki based artist’s music has drawn comparisons to works by other contemporary composers such as Nils Frahm, Max Richter and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Elia has previously played with esteemed Finnish indie bands such as The Holy, Karina and Ruusut. Elia Lombardini’s debut album "In Death and the Hunger for a Thousand Lives" was released in spring 2022.

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Photo: Rimu Jokinen

Her Shadow

Svart Records newcomer Her Shadow offers ”moonlight melodies, heavenly hooks and Lynchian twists”. Their ethereal soundscapes come to life in a dream noir universe oozing with catchy choruses, where Morricone motifs and vintage sounds interweave with state-of-the-art production. Her Shadow was formed by guitarist-songwriter Tomi Henttunen (Royal Lips) and keyboardist-lyricist Markus Laakso (Kuolemanlaakso) who a shared an obsession with Twin Peaks and Lana Del Rey. The lineup is completed by enigmatic singer Anna Carolina (Royal Lips), drummer Toni Ronkainen (Kuolemanlaakso) and producer-engineer Jaani Peuhu (Swallow the Sun). With heavy influences from the worlds of David Lynch, Twin Peaks and Julee Cruise, this band is definitely worth “falling” for.

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Photo: Maxie Madison


Helsinki four-piece moshimoshi draws their biggest influences from the US emo scene, counting bands such as Algernon Cadwallader, Cap’n Jazz, The Mars Volta and At The Drive In as their main paragons. Their music combines melodic indie pop, mathematically precise jazz elements and punk-inspired raw emotion, best audible on vocalist Aatu Kovanen’s screamo squall. Playing together in various projects over the years has trained the quartet into a tight-knit ensemble. Moshimoshi’s debut ep “moshimoshi I”, released in early 2021, was followed by a new single “Soon” in November 2022.

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New Artists to Follow

Take a listen to some of the most exciting and fresh newcomers in the Finnish music scene.