New folk and world music albums released in spring 2013

It’s been a busy studio winter for the Finnish folk musicians. A few albums are already out, and many more will see the daylight during the spring. Saaga Ensemble, a group of real household names of the Finnish folk scene playing tradition-influenced pop, released their debut in February.

The genre-crossing jouhikko connoisseur Pekko Käppi has just recently released two albums:  a vinyl LP Mun paras ystävä together with Juhana Nyrhinen and a solo CD titled Rammat jumalat (both released by Helmi Levyt).

The new effort by the energetic folk/fusion act Tsuumi Sound System is scheduled to be released in Finland 9 May. The ensemble of four strong female voices, Suden aika are due to put out their live CD this spring. Subsonic Ensemble is also set to release a new album. 

One of the best-known Finnish solo fiddlers Arto Järvelä has recorded an album with his Finnish-American trio Kaivama; the CD was released in the US already in 2012 and will be out also in Finland this year. Also the enfant terrible of the Finnish folk/world scene, Orkestar Bordurka will be releasing an albumful of their exhilarating “Bordurian” world music before the summer. Furthermore, Piirpauke’s album Ilo (released in Finland in November 2012) will have its British release in April.