Outi Tarkiainen signed to Edition Wilhelm Hansen

Edition Wilhelm Hansen has signed Outi Tarkiainen among its group of composers.

Outi Tarkiainen studied composition at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and has also written for and conducted Big Bands, and now focuses her work on writing music for symphony orchestra, ensembles and chamber groups. Her strong sense of flow and movement in music gives the listener a feeling of being carried along to new sonic adventures and experiences.

Outi Tarkiainen commented on the signing: "I’ve had an intuitive connection with the director Loui Törnqvist from the beginning, growing only firmer in the process of establishing this relationship. After getting to know the many devoted people in the Edition Wilhelm Hansen and Music Sales Group, I couldn’t think of a better ground for my works and visions to flourish."

Last year Tarkiainen composed saxophone concerto Saivo (2016), written for the saxophonist Jukka Perko, which explored ideas of duality and illusion in both the instrument and in concerto form itself.

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