RinneRadio and Wimme Saari at LIFEM ‘12

The London International Festival of Exploratory Music, LIFEM, returns to Kings Place with a fascinating line-up of Scandinavian groups, from the dark power of Norway’s Deaf Center and Biosphere’s arctic electronica to Gothenburg-based EF, with their epic, post-rock soundscapes. Shamanistic chant meets modern technology in Wimme Saari’s yoiking, while RinneRadio operates in the boundaries of jazz and electronic music.

Wimme Saari will perform with RinneRadio’s Tapani Rinne on Friday, 2 November at Kings Place.

RinneRadio will  perform on Saturdat, 3 November at Kings Place.

London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM) is a festival of inspiring and boundary-expanding music explorations committed to the exciting world of life and music of all sorts of genres and origins. Aiming to surprise, enrich, enlighten and empower audiences, LIFEM challenges musical boundaries by programming ground-breaking exploratory music from all corners of the world. It is a catalyst for change, showcasing excellence and excitement, instigating international collaborations and experimentation, enthusing interculturalism and knowledge sharing. Expect innovative and inspiring music from all over the world.