Sebastian Hilli’s composition selected as finalist for Toru Takemitsu Composition Award 2015

Kaija Saariaho, the judge of Toru Takemitsu Composition Award 2015, chose four orchestral works out of 151 entries from 44 countries eligibly accepted by 30 September 2014. Among the chosen works was Finnish composer Sebastian Hilli’s work Reachings for Orchestra.

Screening was done with the anonymous scores having only their titles. 

Nominated works 

Sebastian Hilli (Finland)
Reachings for orchestra

Thomas Wally (Austria)
loop-fantasy for orchestra

 Fabià Santcovsky (Spain)
cuadro de presencia for orchestra

Yiğit Kolat(Turkey)
[difeʁãs] for orchestra

Saariaho commented Hilli’s work as follows: ”I got interested in this work because of its determined sense of formal plan and its realization. An intense concentration is carrying the music through the work. The music has an urge to advance, but it is done under a control so that the musical energy is well balanced, and the music breathes naturally. The orchestration is effective throughout and the score enjoyable to read in its clarity.” 

Final Concert

15:00, Sun. 31 May, 2015
Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall: Takemitsu Memorial

Kaija Saariaho, judge
Kazumasa Watanabe, conductor
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra