Sebastian Hilli’s Reachings won the 64th International Rostrum of Composers

Sebastian Hilli’s Reachings for orchestra (2014) has been selected as the best work in the ”young composers” category in the 64th International Rostrum of Composers. The selection was made by a delegation of radio music producers from 29 national radio networks from all around the world.

The International Rostrum of Composers is an annual event organized by the International Music Council for representatives of broadcasting organizations. Based on listening sessions the assembly of delegates selects and recommends the most important works in two categories: general and “young composers”. These and other works will be presented in concerts and broadcast after the Rostrum by the participating and other interested radio stations. This year the Rostrum was held in Palermo, Italy, from May 15 to 19.

Reachings was chosen amongst 58 presented contemporary works of which 35% were by composers under the age of 30. Reachings was presented by the Finnish Broadcasting Company. In addition to new live and radio performances, the selection brings Sebastian Hilli a new commission and a residence programme in Sweden.

Rostrum of Composers 2017 is not the first international award for Reachings: in 2015, the work won the Toru Takemitsu Composition Award in Tokyo, Japan. 

Listen to Reachings by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and André de Ridder

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