Solju's debut album awarded Best International Indigenous Release of 2019​

Sámi group Solju's first album was chosen "Best International Indigenous Release 2019" at Manito Ahbee, the festival for indigenous arts. Congratulations to the winner!

Ođđa Áigodat, the debut album by Solju has been awarded in “The Best International Indigenous Release 2019” category at the 14th annual Manito Ahbee Festival. Solju is the first Sámi artist to be nominated at the Indigenous Music Awards. The Manito Ahbee is a festival celebrating Indigenous arts, culture, heritage and music in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The award ceremony was held on Friday, May 17th 2019.

Solju consists of Ulla Pirttijärvi (2nd left on the photo above) and her daughter Hildá Länsman (2nd right), who combine their heritage of northern Sámi language and traditional chant, known as yoik, with a desire for new and innovative music. Their debut album Ođđa Áigodat (translated: New Times) was released in the spring of 2018 on the Bafe’s Factory label. On live shows the duo is joined by musicians Teho Majamäki (left) and Janne Puurtinen known from the rock band HIM (right).

This year, the founding members of Solju have also released albums under their own projects: both Ulla Pirttijärvi’s Áššu (with Olav Torget and Harald Skullerud) and Hildá Länsman’s group VILDÁ (with accordionist Viivi Maria Saarenkylä) released their debut albums on April 4th.

Read Hildá Länsman's recent interview on FMQ Magazine and listen to a Sámi music playlist compiled by Länsman.


Solju: Ođđa Áigodat

(Bafe's Factory, 2018)