Status network strengthens Nordic collaboration in art music

STATUS, a new network aims to strengthen Nordic collaboration in classical and contemporary music, starting with a research into the classical and contemporary scene in the Nordics.

A new collaborative network of music centres in the Nordics – STATUS – is set to explore and analyse the Nordic scene in classical and contemporary music. Initiated by SNYK (Denmark) the network includes Iceland Music Information Centre (IMIC), Music Finland, Music Norway and Unga Tankar om Musik (UTOM, Sweden).

The network was developed in 2021 in order to strengthen the collaboration of the Nordic art music scenes. The first joint project of the network will be a research of the situation of contemporary and classical music in different Nordic countries. The research will include a comparison of infrastructures in the Nordic countries, as well as the artistic and social status of the genre and aims to identify new possibilities for collaboration and the development of classical and contemporary music in the Nordics.

The network hopes this will result in new opportunities both locally and internationally, especially between the Nordic countries. The research will be carried out with a method provided by strategic foresight studio Bespoke Copenhagen and is funded by the Nordic Cultural Fund.