Teemu Brunila co-wrote songs for Flo Rida

Finnish songwriter and producer Teemu Brunila has written two songs for rap artist Flo Rida’s new album My House. Brunila co-wrote and produced ”That’s What I Like”, which will be featured in the trailer of the upcoming Peanuts movie. He also co-wrote ”Here It Is”, a song which also features Chris Brown.

Flo Rida is best known for his singles "Low", "Whistle", "Right Round" and "Wild Ones". His songs have sold over 75 million copies, making him one of the most succesful rap artists in the US.

Last fall Teemu Brunila co-wrote “I’ll Keep Loving You feat. Jaymes Young & Birdy” for David Guetta’s album Listen.  In 2012 he landed a co-write credit on an album by Trey Songz. The album Chapter V went number one in the United States. Brunila has also co-written songs for JLS and Jetta among others.  

Teemu Brunila and producer Jukka Immonen found recently Fried Publishing, a publishing company whose roster includes songwriters like Henri ”Hank Solo” Salonen and Mikko Pohjola.