Teemu Brunila writes for pop star Mika

Finnish songwriter Teemu Brunila has contributed two tracks for british pop singer MIKA’s fourth studio album No Place in Heaven, released June 15. One of these songs was the album’s lead single Last Party, a pop ballad dedicated to the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. It has been streamed over million times in YouTube. The other song, Porcelain – a bonus track on the album’s deluxe version – was both written and produced by Brunila.

Lebanese-British singer Mika (Michael Penniman Jr) became a pop sensation in 2007, when his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion sold over 5,6 million copies worldwide and was nominated for a Grammy award.  The debut album’s biggest hit Grace Kelly reached number one in the UK charts, and it has been certified platinum in the country. 

Songwriter and producer Teemu Brunila has co-written songs for stars such as Flo Rida, David Guetta, Pixie Lott and Trey Songz, as well as major domestic artists. Brunila is also one of the founders in Fried Publishing, a publishing company for many prolific Finnish songwriters.