The Nordic Music Biz 20 under 30 list is revealed

The Nordic music business has again, for the second year, nominated their favorites for the jury to make the difficult choice of choosing only 20 young professionals. The Nordic Music Biz 20 under 30 list is here!

A vital part of the rise of new Nordic artists are the teams behind them, and especially the young forces who bring new perspectives, ideas and business models to an ever-changing industry. Therefore, for the second time, 20 young forces driving the Nordic industry forward are given the spotlight.

This year’s Nordic Music Biz’ 20 under 30 will be honored with a ceremony and lunch during by:Larm the 28th of February, where they will be presented with a diploma.

“Selecting the Nordic Top 20 under 30 felt both important and rewarding. Nominees from all different fields in the Nordic music business are a great reminder of how strong we are as an industry, not only focusing on our performing artists, writers and producers – but also on the people behind the scenes. After receiving an even bigger amount of nominees, we finally boiled them down to the final of 20 people we consider being the most successful and inspiring people in the business right now. Not only for being key persons on a professional level in the Nordic music business, but also for standing as incredible role models to their colleagues and for setting new standards.

We believe the 20 people on this list, with their motivational and innovative ways of work and dedication, will show great results in pushing the music business forward and into the future. And just as of last year, selecting the Top 20 was a challenging, fun and rewarding process for the jury from all 5 Nordic countries. Fellow jury members and ourselves are very proud to be part of this initiative from NOMEX, and to be able to reward our Nordic talent.”

Jonas Holst (Co-Jury leader and Head of Film & TV / Creative at Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia), and Jenny Hermanson (Co-Jury leader and Managing Director Spotify Nordics)

The list of young industry professionals who are, and most likely will continue, putting Nordic music on the map, looks like this in 2019:

Ksenia "Kess" Jurjevna Petrova, Agent, Atomic Soul, Norway
Lasse Kinden Endresen, Agent, ACT Entertainment, Norway
Benjamin Fabio, Founder and manager, 777, Norway
Yunus Daar, Manager, Nora Collective, Norway
Anton Waltari, Rightsholder Relations, STIM, Sweden
Dan Karlström, Songwriter- & Producer Manager, Vivstilo, Sweden
Markus Boström, Associate lawyer, Ström, Sweden
Nicole O'Sullivan, Team Lead of the International Export team, Universal, Sweden
Olivia Hessel, Head of label & partner relations, TEN, Sweden
Aino-Maria Paasivirta, Fullsteam, Promoter, Finland
Rafael Elivuo, A&R Manager / producer / Director of Creative / Songwriter, Kaiku Songs, Finland
Nino Lintermo, A&R @ The Fried Music & Independent Artist Manager, Finland
Tina Jukarainen, artist manager and COO, Manage Me, Finland
Emil Byskov Valnert, Head of Brand Partnership, Warner, Denmark
Jens Uhre Karlsson, Agent&Manager, Bæest/Skandinavian, Denmark
Signe Tobiassen, A&R / Artist manager / radio host / label manager, Nelson Can / Sony / CPH College Radio, Denmark
Tim Brauner, Senior Director of A&R, Warner / Atlantic, Denmark
Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson, Label management / Radio director, Les Fréres Stefson / 101derland, Iceland
Sigríur “Sigga” Ólafsdóttir, Festival director, Sónar Reykjavík, Iceland
Anna Ásthildur Thorsteinsson, Online marketing manager, Iceland Airwaves, Iceland

The Nordic jury consisted of the following people:

Monica Santos (Upstage, NO), Manbir Plaha (Universal Music Norway, NO), Karoline Røed Tønnesen (Music Norway, NO), Jenny Hermansson (Spotify, SE), Jonas Holst (Universal Music Publishing, SE), Matilda Munthe Gottberg (Music Export Sweden, SE) Stefan Gejsing (Roskilde Festival , DK), Sarah Sølvsteen (Luger DK, DK), Carolina Echeverri (MXD, DK), Maria Rut Reynisdottir (Reykjavik Music City, IS), Steinthor Helgi Arnsteinsson (Sonar Reykjavik, IS), Bryndís Jónatansdóttir (Iceland Music, IS) Salla Vallius (Live FIN, FI), Miika Särmäkari (Rutilus Music, FI) and Riku Salomaa (Music Finland, FI).

The jury’s decision is based on: their company’s growth, their career path, their recognition in the industry, influence in the industry in 2018, artistic development, innovation, concert revenues, sales, streaming, campaigns, radio and television publicity.

NOMEX, the collaborative platform for the five Nordic Music Export offices, who is responsible for the awards, consists of all the Nordic music export offices: Export Music Sweden, Iceland Music Export, Music Export Denmar, Music Finland and Music Norway.