The second premiere of Northern Connection took place at Ultima Festival

The Northern Connection initiative brings contemporary music professionals from Finland, Norway and Scotland to collaborate during 2023 and 2024. At this first phase of the project, one ensemble, one composer and one festival from each partner country take part. The ensembles perform selected commissioned works at the partner festivals during 2023.

The second premiere of the project, a new work called North by Finnish composer Lauri Supponen, was performed by Norwegian Ensemble Temporum at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival on September 23. The festival organised also an open networking event for contemporary music professionals on October 22, where Northern Connection project and other Nordic networks for contemporary music were presented.

The third premiere will take place in Sound Festival, Scotland, when Red Note Ensemble will perform Tine Surel Lange's composition Flaskepost.

Sustainability and ecological awareness are at the core of Northern Connection and the project strives to create touring, exchanging ideas and contents and presenting music in a sustainable fashion. Read more about the Northern Connection initiative here.