The three northernmost professional orchestras in Europe co-commissioned from Outi Tarkiainen

The Lapland Chamber Orchestra, the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra and the Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra have co-commissioned from composer Outi Tarkiainen a song cycle Eanan, giđa nieida (engl. The Earth, Spring’s Daughter). This large work is composed for mezzo soprano and chamber orchestra with text based on a vast collage of Sami poetry. The Sami people come from the northern parts of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia and they are the only indigenous people in the Europe.

Eanan, giđa nieida will have its world premiere in Autumn 2016 in Finland by Lapland Chamber Orchestra. The Norwegian premiere is taking place in Tromsø by the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra and the Swedish premiere in Piteå by the Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra, both in Spring 2017.

Outi Tarkiainen (b. 1985) is one of the most promising Finnish composers of her generation. Living in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland, she has mentioned that coming from the North has something to with her style of composing: “It’s part of me and works somehow like a mirror. It might be heard in my music too where space plays a major role.”, she states in an article published by copyright organization Teosto.