Tuomas Kantelinen scored the Chinese box office hit film The Adventurers

Composer Tuomas Kantelinen scored the Hong Kong action film The Adventurers, which had its theatrical release on August 11. The soundtrack for the film was released by Milan Records last week.

The Adventurers, directed by Stephen Fung and starring Chinese superstars Andy Lau and Qi Shu, alongside Jean Reno, gathered 5,1 million viewers on its opening weekend, making it the third watched film in China. The movie tells the story of the world’s top thiefs who steal two pieces of valuable jewelry during the Cannes Film Festival and find themselves pursued across Europe by a legendary French detective. 

Tuomas Kantelinen’s next project in China will be Legend of The Ancient Sword, directed by Renny Harlin. In the fall Kantelinen’s music can be heard on upcoming films Guardian AngelRendel and Iron Sky: The Coming Race, as well as Finnish National Ballet’s production Kalevalanmaa.