Tuomas Kantelinen’s score for The Purge won the Nordic Film Composer Award

Tuomas Kantelinen has won this year’s HARPA - Nordic Film Composer Award for his music score for the film Puhdistus (The Purge in english), directed by Antti Jokinen.

The jury commented on the winning work as follows:  

”Although we want to stress the very high quality level of every one of the five scores presented to us in this selection, we feel that the original music of "The Purge" stood out because of its ability to convey with great sophistication, melodic sense and sensitivity the deep, emotional complexity of the characters and to underline the extreme hardship of the circumstances without ever resorting to easy solutions.”

HARPA - Nordic Film Composer Award is given annually with each Scandinavian country nominating one candidate and an international jury choosing the winner. The award is organized by NFCN (Nordic Film Composers Network). The prize was given for the 5th time this year, and next year the event will be hosted by Finland. 

Nominees for HARPA - Nordic Film Composer Award 2013

Benny Andersson, Sweden
Palme (Directed by Kristina Lindström och Maud Nycander)

Peter Peter, Denmark
Over kanten (Directed by Laurits Munch-Petersen och Jacob Ditlev) 

Ben Frost and Daniel Bjarnason, Iceland
The Deep (Directed by Baltasar Kormákur)

Peder Kjellsby, Norway
Varg Veum Kalde hjerter (Directed by Trond Espen Seim)