Yrjö Prize 2015 goes to Ulf Krokfors

Bassist, composer and conductor Ulf Krokfors has received this year’s Yrjö Prize. His long career, the refinement of his musical vision and his compelling stage presence were the qualities to earn him the award.

Ulf “Uffe” Krokfors' (born 1966) remarkable career reaches back to 1980s, when he played with Edward Vesala's legendary Sound & Fury. Since then, Krokfors has been an influential figure in the Finnish jazz scene, working as a musician but also as a composer and conductor. Today, he cooperates with some of the younger-generation musicians such as singer Mirja Mäkelä and pianist Samuli Mikkonen.

The Yrjö Prize was given to Ulf Krokfors in an award ceremony on October 30 during Tampere Jazz Happening. Awarded annually by the Finnish Jazz Federation, the Yrjö (sometimes translated as the Georgie Prize) is the most prestigious jazz prize in Finland.