22-Pistepirkko goes on hiatus after 35 years

One of Finland’s oldest and most prominent rock bands, 22-Pistepirkko is going on a indefinite hiatus, due to personal differences between the band members. 22-Pistepirkko made the decision while working on their 15th studio album last year. This is the first break in the band’s 35-year career. The new album remains unfinished and unreleased.

22-Pistepirkko was formed in 1980 by brothers PK (vocals and guitar) and Asko Keränen (bass and keyboards) along with drummer Espe Haverinen in the rural village of Utajärvi. In the 1990’s 22-Pistepirkko was one of the most well known Finnish bands abroad. Their unique style of music is a mixture of different genres, including garage rock, blues, pop and electronica.

22-Pistepirkko will play their final gig of the year at Tavastia Club, Helsinki on August 22nd. They also have a list of other festival dates booked, including Provinssi and H2Ö in Finland and Sziget in Hungary. During the break, the band’s members will continue to make music on their own personal projects.