Concert dates for Subsonic Ensemble, Suunta and Kristiina Ilmonen solo performances

 Subsonic Ensemble will be touring the UK including a special concert at St Ethelburgas. Kristiina Ilmonen and Nathan Riki Thomson of the ensemble will also have a workshop at the Guildhall School of Music on May 23rd

Subsonic Ensemble features musicians from Finland, Australia, Brazil, and Wales playing ancient instruments such as the Finnish kantele, Brazilian berimbau, Nordic overtone flutes, strings, voices and African kalimbas.

Concerts for Subsonic Ensemble

May 20   The Forge - London, UK
May 21   Borough Theatre - Abergavenny, Wales
May 24   St Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation & Peace

Besides Subsonic Ensemble, Kristiina Ilmonen has various other groups and projects she performs with, as well as solo performances. Her group Suunta combines experimental improvised and composed music with visual material in a collaboration of Timo Väänänen, Anna-Kaisa Liedes and Kristiina Ilmonen, who all have a long and extensive experience in the Finnish folk/world music scene in various projects. 

Concerts for Kristiina Ilmonen (solo) and Suunta

April 17   Alsion - Sønderborg, Denmark
April 18   Landesvertretung of Schleswig-Holstein - Berlin, Germany (with Suunta)
April 20   Musikschule - Flensburg, Germany (workshop)
April 20   Museum Oldemorstoft - Bov, Denmark
April 21   Museumsbeerg - Flensburg, Germany
April 21   St. Johannis Kirche - Flensburg, Germany