Discount campaign for digital sheet music at Music Finland's CORE

The world has gone digital and so have we. Most works at Music Finland Composers & Repertoire website can be purchased both digitally as PDF files and as printed publications. We offer a discount of 25 % of all PDF scores.

The collection comprises thousands items of vocal, orchestral and chamber music from Finnish contemporary and classical composers. Music Finland distributes works that are not published by any sheet music publisher.

During June 2020, using code bdc8bb at the web shop you will get 25% discount of all PDF scores and parts for sale at the Composers & Repertoire website. The code is valid until June 30.

We have new digital scores available every day as newest works are automatically available in digital format. The digitization process of older sheet music is an ongoing process. If you wish to purchase a digital PDF version but you can’t find it at the web shop yet, please contact us at