Heavyweight DJs goes global

HeavyWeight DJ's started off as a DJ-collective featuring the best young club dj's in Helsinki (Dj Rascal, Leo Lotsaless, Dj Mista S, Boris Jetski, Kid Lo) with a clear vision of creating the craziest dj-show you can imagine. After a couple of club bangers and mixtapes the collective caught the attention of Universal Music Finland and convinced the suits immediately with the superb production.

Now the group has signed with a Dutch Be Yourseld Music and the single "Come Alive" will be released worldwide in November. Also another single "Butterknife" is set to be released in September via British Bass=Win label.

HeavyWeight DJ's have often been compared to Swedish House Mafia, mainly due geographical factors and the chosen genre. But set a side the Scandinavian atmosphere, both acts actually share the same kind of energy and passion on stage and off-stage.