Live jazz highlights of the season

Here's some noteworty pick ups from the always touring jazzers.

Kari Ikonen & Karikko will be performing in Sweden, in Göteborg on 12 October and in Hallsberg on 13 October.

Saxophonist Pekka Pylkkänen will tour extensively with various ensembles – Lupa Santiago Quintet in Denmark (13-17 September), Pekka Pylkkänen Tube Factory in Singapore and Malaysia (27 September – 8 October), Pekka Pylkkänen Global Unit in Switzerland and France (17-24 October) and in Japan (28 October – 11 November), and Pekka Pylkkänen HI-FI Quintuplet in London (25-28 November).

Pianist Iiro Rantala will be touring with Lars Danielsson in Poland (22-23 September) and in Germany (2-3 November) and with Michael Wolnyn and Gwillyn Simcock in Germany, Luxemburg and Austria (25-30 September). He is also organizing international Kansi Auki - piano jazz festival, which will be held on 15-18 November in Helsinki, Finland.

Iro Haarla Quintet will perform Haarla’s new composition Ante Lucem with Norrlands Operans Symphony Orchestra in Umeå Jazz Festival, Sweden (25 October). Iro Haarla Quintet can also be heard at Nordic Sound Station in Eskilstuna, Sweden (9 November). 

Mats Eilertsen Skydive, including Olavi Louhivuori (drums), Alexi Tuomarila (piano), Mats Eilerten (bass), Thomas T Dahl (guitar) and Tore Brunborg (sax), will tour in Norway (1-7 October).

Our Live Music Calendar is under construction. When ready, you’ll be able to find all the noteworthy live shows aroud the globe from there.