Mimmit signs with Japanese licensing agency Gaia Inc for music and merchandise

Children’s music act and brand Mimmit has signed a contract with Japanese licensing agency Gaia Inc.

Gaia Inc handles the Japanese licensing of merchandise companies like Live Nation Merchandise and Probity Merch along with brands such as Everyday California, Assassin’s Creed, Tony Hawk and Kiss. The musical duo and children's brand Mimmit, consisting of Pauliina Lerche and Hannamari Luukkanen, first got in contact with the company at Nordic Brand Licensing expo in 2016.

The official Japanese launch of Mimmit will start at Licensing Expo Japan, which will be held next week in Tokyo. The aim is to introduce Mimmit to the Japanese market in several different formats: books, music cd’s, animation films, live action tv shows, live concerts and merchandise. 

This is of course not the first sight of the folky Finnish children’s music band in Japan: in 2015 Mimmit recorded a cover version of the classic Letkis for department store Mitsukoshi-Isetan’s christmas campaign, and they have toured in the country several times. Mimmit member Pauliina Lerche has also released a solo album in Japan already in 2007. 

Mimmit is one of the best known Finnish children’s brands, that has released five albums to date, out of which the latest ”Ystävyys” was awarded the best children’s album in the 2017 Emma awards. They have produced three television series, six children’s books and an animated series that have been licensed to channels in 40 different countries.