New Artists to Follow 2/2020

We've got four great Finnish artists you should get acquainted with. This time we feature Altamullan Road, Rules, Babel and Tomi Saario. Get to know these newcomers and get fascinated by the music ranging from dreamy and cinematic pop to synth sounds, electronic indie tunes and catchy pop hooks. 
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Altamullan Road

Altamullan Road is a cinematic pop band formed by two Finnish singer-songwriters Johanna Iivanainen and Johanna Kurkela. The music of Altamullan Road is an intriguing gathering of different genres and emotions, intertwined together by the unique symbiotic connection and harmony of their magical voices. Inspired largely by films, their music touches topics from simple life’s pleasures to mysteries beyond the veil of existence. Sorrow and joy hand in hand. A journey from the earth to the space.

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Rules is a Helsinki-based indie synth pop duo that weaves depth into their sweet and shameless pop tunes. The lyrics are based on characters from world literature, filling gaps, offering new perspectives and bringing forth silenced voices. Iiti Yli-Harja (Pintandwefall) makes the songs based on lyrics by Sarra Keppola. Together they teamed up with Oskari Halsti (Scandinavian Music Group, Wedding Crashers) who is behind the lush production of the songs, as well as the drums of the live assembly.

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Babel plays dreamy electronic, indie pop that builds a bright world where one can escape to. The duo consists of Karin Mäkiranta (also known as other half of Karina) and songwriter-producer Mikko Pykäri (known from the indie pop band Regina, as well as his solo career).

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Tomi Saario

Tomi Saario grabbed a guitar at the age of five, after finding out to be “too blind to be a pilot”. Saario is a compelling storyteller and an artist with an innate knack for writing pop hooks. After a decision to move to London to pursue his music career, he played over a thousand shows in 4 years. His debut single "Just A Little" was released in early 2020 and another one “Don’t hurt yourself” shortly after.

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