Oddarrand is going to the cinema

The cinematographic soundscape of Oddarrang will be accompany silent short films.

Finnish experimental jazz ensemble Oddarrang will launch their new project Oddarrang: In Cinema during autumn 2012. The band will compose music to silent short films made by four young film directors. The films and the music will premiere on several nights at a club held at the National Theatre in Helsinki, Finland (18 August, 17 October, 14 November, 12 December).

Oddarrang is an interesting mixture of different musical moods and traditions. The unusual instrumentation of trombone, cello, guitar, acoustic bass and drums, gives a unique blend to the compositions. The band consists of the founder Olavi Louhivuori (drums), Osmo Ikonen (cello), Ilmari Pohjola (trombone), Lasse Sakara (guitar) and Lasse Lindgren (bass). Their most recent and praised album, Cathedral, was released last year.

“Oddarrang is one of the most refreshing bands to emerge on the European jazz scene in recent years.” Rob Adams, The Herald