On our way to Eurosonic

As we already know Eurosonic Noorderslag 2013 has the focus on Finland. Highlighting Finland means 16 Finnish acts performing on the showcase festival. Or actually 17, if we count in French Films, one of the European Border Breakers Award winners.

The first timers at Eurosonic are an interesting Roland TB 303 project entitled Acid Symphony Orchestra, strong and psychedelic Death Hawks, a lovely singer-songwriter duo Eva & Manu, finn-weirdy Lau Nau and always plastic LCMDF. The stages are also set for skweeing Mesak, the brave punkers Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, audio/visual duo Phantom, indie rockers Satellite Stories, the brilliant Sin Cos Tan, krautrockian Siinai and the Finnish rock legend Michael Monroe.

To celebrate the focus on Finland, Eurosonic Noorderslag presents four Finnish acts that have previously performed at Eurosonic Noorderslag: Disco Ensemble, Don Johnson Big Band, Huoratron and Rubik.

We certainly hope to see you at Eurosonic!